Playing in the Snow

It is hot here in Florida (still), but I know many of you are enjoying cooler and crisper autumn air, pulling out cute scarves and maybe even drinking hot cocoa. I wish that was the story here in Florida sometimes. Nope, it is still reaching 90 degrees most afternoons and the humidity is still thick. I love Florida; I really do. I just want the cooler weather a little early this year. I am writing this post in hopes that it will happen. I won’t get my hopes up though, I’ll just think cool thoughts and write this post with my air conditioner on full blast instead.

Playing in the Snow

Most of you know that I grew up in Florida, but you might not know that Michael grew up in New York. Growing up, winters to me meant Christmas on the Beach and a light sweater to school. However, winters for Mike meant sledding, snowmen and shoveling. Mike has obviously traded his boots for a bathing suit, but we are lucky enough to still have some of Mike’s family in New York. So, each winter we head north so that we can get our taste of a “real” winter (and then come home to the warm).

I am like a little kid every time it snows. The novelty of the white fluffy stuff has not worn off yet. It might be because I was ten years old before I ever experienced snow. It might be because it is not my everyday. Who knows the real reason, but the more juvenile and cliché, the better. Snowmen – check. Snow angels – heck yea. Snow ball fights – you bet. Snow Blowing – yep! Wait. What?

Women Snow Blowing

Yep, I even have a smile on my face when my in-laws put me to work!

No matter the activity, we seem to have fun playing in the snow. We are on vacation after all.

Building a Snowman

Snowman Building

Building Snowmen

Mini Snowman

Smiles in the Snow

Falling in the Snow

Falling Snow

And with scenery like this, it’s no wonder we keep returning year after year. (And because of our family.)

Winter in the New York Mountains

Deer in the New York Woods

A Winter Sunset

What is your favorite memory of playing in the snow?

A Snowman Family

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