Quality Versus Quantity … How about BOTH?

There is a debate out there. It can get heated at times. I have my opinions, but I try not to give them unless asked. But, since I’ve been asked, here are my two cents on how we prefer to travel.

The question at hand is this: Should you spend a lot of time in one place OR spend a little time in a lot of places? While travel is travel and everyone has their opinion, we think spending small bursts of time in as many different places as possible is a great way to travel. But there are as many methods of travel as there are travelers!

Relaxation on Marco Island

Michael and I are always on the go when we travel. We don’t really relax like some people do while on vacation – but this craziness has served us well! Our unspoken motto is “go, see, go!” Instead of booking a hotel and staying in one place for 7-10 days, we hop around to different cities and regions after 1-3 nights. We save tons of money and time by combining a lot quality activities with a high quantity of places and movement. We see as much as we possibly can in the smallest amount of time on every single trip we take!

Some would caution against this fast paced travel. I get it.

But, here’s the thing: Michael and I are part-time travelers; we have a limited number of days off work (and bank accounts). We might not see every cobblestone street, waterfall or museum in each place we see, but we do experience each place we visit!


Here are a few examples of our fast-paced, but amazingly memorable trips 1.) We’ve squeezed in skiing in Tahoe, wine tastings in Napa Valley and an NBA game in Sacramento in just 4 nights in Northern California. 2. ) We’ve also spent 10-days in southern Africa where we were face to face with Great White Sharks, marveled at lions in the wild, drove beside a herd of Elephants, rode ATVs in the Namib Desert, hiked Dune 45 and grilled wild oryx meat a campsite.

Pride of Lions Etosha

We see a lot and do a lot! I assure you, nothing is watered down by moving quickly during travel! Hear me when I say that we are exhausted after a trip. We need a vacation from our vacations, but we wouldn’t change a thing! We do not limit ourselves to one hotel, one city or one view! We have been blessed to see so much using this “mindset.”

Bali Coffee Tasting

I hope this travel tip encourages you to travel more! Dream up a trip around a specific city, and then increase the radius at which you explore! Don’t settle for one place, one view and one experience! Yes, traveling is expensive and exhausting, BUT, if you blend quality and quantity you can increase what you see and decrease what you spend.

5 thoughts on “Quality Versus Quantity … How about BOTH?

  1. Rob Ward

    I think spending short amounts of time in places can be brilliant, we recently travelled around France spending between one and three days in each place. It was great and we got that fresh exciting feeling every time we arrived somewhere new.

    Although we are soon to start long term travel, so I think we will definitely have to have some chillout time inbetween the flurries of fast paced travel. Balance will be key for us, but short term it’s perfect!

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      You couldn’t be more right – long term travel is a different ball of wax! I’m happy to hear of others who understand that you can travel quickly without sacrificing fun or the quality of your experience! I look forward to following along with your long term travel adventures!

  2. Stefania - the Italian backpacker

    It really depends on the destination. 1-3 nights in Paris are not enough. I also complain that most people spend only a couple of days in Venice, my town, ending up with a distorted vision of it. It’s not as crowded, touristy and expensive as St. Mark’s Square or Rialto everywhere in Venice. Anyway, if you just have a few days, it’s the only solution.

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Yes, for those with a limited number of days for travel each year quick, yet action-packed trips is the name of the game. But, websites such as your that offer travel ideas and advice can help to make the choices on when, where and how long to go that much easier! Thanks for the comment and ideas!

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