9 Odd Reasons to Love Switzerland

I started this post as “10 Reasons to Travel in Switzerland” and then thought – that is so boring! Then, I Googled “reasons to travel in Switzerland” and realized there are tons of articles on the same topic; to say the least, it is also very overdone. Switzerland is known for expensive ski towns, beautiful mountains and timeless European architecture. I did not want to waste your time with giving you the obvious. So, when I sat down to write this post I wanted to give you something different, something that is not out there already. So, here are my nine odd reasons to love Switzerland.


Small Showers OK, so at 4’11”, I LOVE this. There are not many times I can adjust the shower head without standing on the side of the tub. However, Mike on the other hand … Let’s just say the entire bathroom was a splash zone. It makes for funny travel memories and photos though!

Small Hotel Showers in Switzerland

Lessons in Language We left Zurich on the highways and quickly figured out that “Ausfahrt” means “exit.” But then, before we knew it, the exit signs began to read “Sortie” as we neared Geneva. The road signs changed from German to French withing the country! We experienced German, French and Italian during our road trip. Weeeeird! We left feeling smarter because we learned a few new words, but frustrated that we only know one language.

Various Languages Road Signs in Switzerland

Legless Chairs Because regular chairs are boring and carry no double meanings or artistic expression. This crazy art project adjacent to the United Nations building in Switzerland was certainly thought-provoking and just another weird thing we loved about Switzerland.

3 legged chair statue in front of the UN Zurich Switzerland

Cheese I do not really care where cheese comes from, it is almost always good. Unless we are eating the stinkiest cheese around, I am probably game for some creamy, melt-y delicious cheese. Switzerland is home to some of the best. We bought it by the pound (kilogram?) and found it be fresh and delicious. Some people love Switzerland for its flowers, I prefer the fondue. Some might love Switzerland for her regal mountains, but the Raclette had me at hello. It’s not all the grocery store Swiss cheese, it is so much more.

Cheese in Switzerland

Chocolate Galore And if you want something sweet after you eat your weight in cheese, just move on to the chocolate that is everywhere in Switzerland. I think the Swiss view chocolate making as an art and science. Chocolate in Switzerland is just as pretty as it is decadent. Every city we stopped in had tons of chocolate shops. No Hershey’s or Dove will ever compare. I’m ruined for good, and its fine by me. (I am fairly certain cheese and chocolate are the reason I feel the need to exercise so much when we travel!)

Swiss Chocolate Shop Zermatt

Snow in Any Season This was our view in Zermatt during the dead of summer, July 31st to be exact. I mean, this is odd, right? We even saw snow boarders and skiers in town. I think of shorts, flip flops and blended drinks when I think of summer. I do not equate summer with snow, so I find this oddly fascinating.

Summertime Snow in Switzerland

Tobogganing Without Snow OK, so there is snow in July, but you can experience a “winter activity” without snow? Yes, you can! I told you list would be odd. Mount Pilatus, near Lucerne, is home to a tobogganing course that is open during the summer and is fun for kids, and kids at heart! We loved it and paid to ride it twice. The views are ridiculous and it offers a welcomed little adrenaline rush.


Apples in Your Gelato This was such a strange combination that I just had to order it. Fresh fruit on gelato is not odd, but apples? Apples are not something we see as an ice cream topping much in The States. Why wouldn’t I try something new while on vacation? The apples make this a healthy thing to eat, right? Maybe this is the reason I have to workout so much.

Pappagallo Gelato with Apples

The Valleys Yes, the mountains of Switzerland are spectacular. But, what about the valleys. There would be no mountains without the flat lands between them. Why are the valleys so often forgotten? To me, they were just as scenic and picturesque as the peaks.

Colorful Valleys in Switzerland

Wewere surprised by all that we fell in love with during our vacation in Switzerland. And while the skiing, architecture and culture are certainly worthwhile reasons to visit Switzerland – there is more.

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