A Patio Table with a Story

I am so excited to share this post with you! Our patio is my favorite “room” in our home and Michael worked his magic to create a centerpiece for the space. The travel inspiration behind the table is Bali, Indonesia. It is such a small island, but it left a big impression on our hearts!

Bali is a small piece of the land surrounded by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. A part of the island nation of Indonesia, it is home to volcanoes, pearl farms, jungles, rice terraces and friendly people. These locals depend on the land and water for their income and sustenance.

Travel Inspiration:

2012_Bali 099

We were on the island for 7 nights a few summers ago – three of which were in Pemuteran, a small town on the northern coast of the island.  While on the island we saw countless fisherman heading out to sea in colorful wooden boats. At the time we thought that the boats were unique, but didn’t give much more thought to them. That is, until we returned home and stumbled upon Culpepper Nautical, a store in West Palm Beach, Florida that sells one-of-a-kind tables made of the reclaimed wood from old fishing boats – straight from Indonesia. We knew we had to have a piece of this region of the world in our home!

The search for a patio table took us to many different furniture stores (both brick and mortar and online) full of cheap, mass-produced tables that we couldn’t see spending our money on. We knew that none of the furniture would be able to withstand the sun and rain of Florida. Then we found a table top at Culpepper Nautical and created our own … with Michael’s creativity and time!

I love that you can even see the dowel rods in the wood that was once a fishing boat in the Indian Ocean!

Culpepper Nautical Tables

The next step was to purchase wood for the table’s base at the local home improvement store. A little planning and about six hours of work in the garage for Mr. Wife with Baggage (do not feel too badly for him, he loves his power tools) and we were on our way to creating a patio table from reclaimed, Indonesia teak wood.

Besides helping to pick the table, my other contribution to this little weekend project was to stain the base of the table. The best part about this stain job was that it did not need to be perfect. In fact, we wanted an uneven, almost worn look. Therefore, it was a quick step!

Dewalt Saw

Making a Patio Table

Wood Stain Patio Table

We now have a splash of color in our patio. An “up-cycled” piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is meaningful and functional! The table reminds me of the Balinese boats we strolled by in Pemuteran and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. 

Patio Table Project

Patio Table made from Reclaimed Wood Culpepper Nautical

A Colorful Patio Table Culpepper nautical reclaimed wood tables

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