Review: The Chartfield Guest House

Nestled between the ocean and the mountains is the seaside town of Kalk Bay, South Africa. A suburb to Cape Town, this fishing village is home to The Chartfield Guesthouse. We stayed at The Chartfield House for four nights and were met with a comfortable room, a beautiful common area, friendly staff and scrumptious breakfasts!

Hotel Review The Chartfield Guesthouse

Our room offered a clean, comfortable bed with an updated bathroom and television, but we did not watch it much as our view of the harbor was entertainment enough!

Chartfield Guesthouse Room

Chartfield Guesthouse Bathroom View from Chartfield Guesthouse Room

Forgive me for not having photos of our breakfast. I was too busy enjoying the views of the ocean, the company of Michael and the utterly delicious cold cuts, fresh bread, spinach omelet, and oatmeal I was eating to take pictures! Did I mention the fresh squeezed orange juice and hot coffee? Seriously, even as a travel blogger I did not even think about snapping pictures because the meals were such a feast for my senses.

Dining Room Chartfield Guesthouse

Breakfast Room Chartfield Guesthouse

The rest of the property was just as clean and comfortable as our room. I thought the decor was perfectly suited for the location and could only dream of living in such a stylish place!

Chartfield Guesthouse Common Room

Last, but certainly not least, the staff at The Chartfield Guesthouse were first class! From the booking process to checkout, we were treated with professional, prompt service. The staff arranged transportation to and from the Cape Town Airport (which is about 30 minutes from the B&B), helped set up a wine tasting tour in Stellenbosch, served breakfast with a smile and even helped us re-book our Great White Cage Dive in a hurry when our original plan almost went down in flames!

I can’t say enough about this property – the rooms, the food and the staff are all top notch!  

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