A Road Trip in Switzerland: 7 Days of Beauty

Summer in Florida means hot, humid days at the beach, at the pool or in the air condition. This is our reality. Florida is flat and hot, but it’s home. I love Florida, but we love traveling to places that are different from our everyday. Switzerland fits into this category.

Travel Itineray Switzerland

Day One. We flew in to Zurich, rented our car and headed out-of-town towards Geneva. We made a pit stop in Berne for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon walking the streets of Geneva, eating gelato and enjoying the picture perfect summer evening.

Day Two. We drove from Geneva to Zermatt, via Montreux. The scenery in Italy on D1005 was beautiful: dotted by cute lake side towns and flanked by the Alps. Montreux in alive with colorful blooms during the summer and was a feast for our eyes. A little hiccup got us into Zermatt a little late, but we were still able to enjoy a fondue dinner and a street party to celebrate a national holiday with locals and tourists alike.


Day Three. The Mother of Peaks, Matterhorn, consumed Day 3. We rode the train up, hike around, ate lunch while looking at glaciers, chatted with other travelers and took a ton of pictures. One mountain took all day, and we love it.

Snowy Peaks Zermatt

Day Four. We drove to Lucerne from Zermatt on Day 4. We did not rush. We savored the natural beauty of Switzerland: the green pastureland, the rugged peaks, the stereotypical, but perfect European architecture. We loved it all.

Day Five. We started day 5 with a ride on the Gondola up Mount Pilatus and then took a luge down. We laughed so much our bellies hurt and felt like kids – a wonderful feeling! We continued our road trip through Switzerland and where turquoise lakes, blue skies, green mountains and sweet waterfront towns greeted us. More of the same, but it was all we hoped for. OK, it was all I hoped for! Mike just loved the cheese stops and driving the hair pin curves a little to fast.

Switzerland Countryside

Day Six. We woke up in Zurich on Day 6. It was full circle, literally, from where we began. We began and ended our week in Switzerland in its capitol city and explored the cobblestone streets lined with vendors, cafes, churches and bridges. I ate the best risotto I’ve ever had (4 years later this still stands!) and then walked enough to get hungry again, but this time for more of that delicious chocolate that Switzerland is known for.

Day Seven. With only enough time for a croissant, cheese and coffee for breakfast at a corner café before heading to the airport, we soaked in the Euro vibes as best we could. We reminisced about the last week. We drove road tripped through the country, but we also kind spent 7 days eating and drinking all of the best that the Swiss offer. The clean, crisp summer air was so refreshing when compared to the humid air that welcomed us home to Florida later that day. Back to reality, but at least Switzerland was no longer a dream, it was also a part of our beautiful reality!

Traveling In Switzerland Montreaux Flowers

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