Romance In New York State? Saratoga Springs To Mind

Whether it’s a belated Valentine’s treat or just an excuse to get away with boo, you can’t beat a romantic adventure for two.

For many couples, New York City stands out as the perfect destination for an action-packed vacation. But if you want to combine those joys with a few days of relaxation or want a new place to visit in this part of the world, Saratoga Springs is a great choice. Here’s why it’s a fantastic location.

Saratoga Springs is home to a long list of places of natural beauty. Romantic walks by stunning backdrops provide magical moments that no couple will forget. From Congress Park to Saratoga Spa State Park and Yaddo Gardens, you’ll never run out of areas. Whether it’s the summer sun or crisp winter snow, those moments provide the perfect platform for a wonderfully romantic vacation. With a little bit of luck, you’ll spot some wildlife too.

Despite a small population of around 30,000, the area is very accommodating to guests. Luxury rooms and relaxed spa facilities at the Pavilion Grand Hotel are suitable for all guests. Nonetheless, they are particularly welcoming for couples. When combined with the friendly nature of the locals, the happy vibes will be flowing from start to finish. To feel loved and recharge the batteries, there is no better destination on the east side.

 The special attractions are also very suited for couples. The city’s broadway area is home to a number of fantastic shows throughout the year. Book the best seats at Ticketmaster, and the magic of the theatre will bring your trip to life. Meanwhile, the boat tours, balloon rides and winery are all great places for couples to visit. Essentially, you’ll gain the perfect blend of pleasant daily activities and magical standout moments. Alternative, you could head to the racecourse.    

Saratoga also has some wonderful places to eat. The small city does have a few of the national franchises too, but the real beauty comes from the independent restaurants and cafes. A romantic meal is one of the best ways to complete the perfect evening while foodies can also enjoy the food tours. Alternatively, you can always combine food with those romantic walks by going for a picnic. Sometimes, those simple gestures are what make the trip so memorable.

It’s still only 180 miles north of NYC, and just 35 from Albany. So, if you’re eager to combine the relaxed vibes with a little city adventure, Saratoga Springs is the ideal platform. With Enterprise car rental, completing a romantic tour is easy and comfortable. Then again, most guests find that the time spent in one of New York State’s top 10 places to live is all that’s needed for the perfect trip. Whichever way you want it, Saratoga Springs is an amazing solution.

Saratoga Springs is one of New York State’s hidden gems and is sure to provide the ultimate romantic break at any time of year. Every loving couple should aim to visit at some stage.

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