Saving Money as a Solo Traveller

Life as a solo traveler can be financially tough, as the majority of travel expenses such as hotels and car rental are much cheaper when travelling as a couple, whether this is with a partner or a friend… yet, there are certain things you can do that can save you money as a solo traveler which is what this article is going to look at.

TRAVEL OFF SEASON – One of the most significant benefits of being a solo traveler is that you only have to work around your schedule; you don’t have to worry about taking kids out of school, or the time constraints of your partner’s work schedule.  You are free to work exclusively around what works best for you… and in this sense, you are often more able to travel out of season – which will make the cost of travel a lot cheaper.

Consider the fact that most popular holiday destinations raise their prices significantly during the summer holidays, to the point that some hotels will even triple their room rates, as a result of supply and demand – you’ll quickly see just how much cheaper it can be, when you are on the more positive side of the supply and demand see-saw.

STAY IN HOSTELS – Whilst the majority of people prefer to stay in budget friendly hotels, such as this hotel in Montrose, Colorado, the benefit of staying in a hostel extends beyond that of saving a few dollars.  It opens you up to a new social network of like minded travelers that are all in the same position.  

Few people enjoy solo travel if they are literally travelling solo.  Most people hope to meet other travelers and make new friends on the road, as an experience shared with someone else is often more enhanced than doing everything alone.  Therefore, staying in hostels can be a good way to save a little money whilst also meeting new people that you can socialize with and become friends with.

BOOK THINGS IN ADVANCE – Once upon a time, you could rock up to an airport and hope to get a standby flight for next to nothing.  Today, however, the revenue model of most airlines has changed in that they will tend to sell off seats in bands of prices, with the lowest priced band being furthest away from the travel date.  In this sense, a short hop trip could be $10 several months prior to the flight and shoot up to $150 the night before departure… unless, the flight is practically empty, when you can find a few cheap tickets around 3-5 days before departure, but airlines tend to hike up their prices the day before the flight as they understand someone looking for a last minute flight will pay the price, as their travel must be urgent.

In summary, travelling as a solo person can be more expensive than travelling as a couple when it comes to items like car rental or hotel rooms, yet on the flip side, you are only having to pay for one of you, and travelling with children can be a much more expensive way to travel.

In any event, there are ways you can save money whilst on vacation, as well as before you go by travelling out of season and booking flights in advance.

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