Seven Days in Thailand: Jungles, Beaches and Sky Scrapers

Thailand is a mecca for travelers. Even though it can be very exotic, even rookie travelers want to visit. It is only a short flight if you live in Asia or Australia, otherwise, pack the neck pillow, because you are in for a long haul. Yet, Europeans, South Americans and North Americans flock to Thailand every year. But why?

7 Days in Thailand

Image searches on the internet piqued our interest, but stories about travelers spending their days sipping cocktails on beaches and getting up close and personal with elephants were the real cause of Mike and I making the trip to Thailand. Once there, we had 7 full days of non-stop fun. Here is how spent it.

Day 1 We flew into BKK (the first of many times) in the late afternoon. We immediately boarded another (quick) flight north to Chiang Mai. Most travel blogs will tell you to take the train or bus in Thailand. But, while we carry backpacks, we are not backpackers. We like to indulge in some luxuries and quick flights beat overnight train rides for us every time! I guess it’s a perk of being part-time travelers. We arrived in Chaing Mai in time to take a shower and sleep. Gotta love travel days!

Day 2 Day two started off with a self-made walking tour Chaing Mai. We checked out the temples and shops as well the “Old City.” After lunch we indulged in a traditional Thai Massage of Fah Lanna Spa. It is no Swedish massage, but nice. We spent the afternoon and evening at a local market and cooking class. We ate what we made, so dinner for that night was a no-brainer!

Thai Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

Day 3 Looking back, this was, hands down, my favorite day in Thailand. We spent the entire day volunteering at The Elephant Nature Park. I wrote an entire post on just how great it was.

Volunteering at The Elephant Nature Park

Day 4 We boarded a flight bound for Koh Chang, via BKK. We were in the air, ready to land in Koh Chang, when the captain announced we would not be landing. Instead we would be returning to BKK, due to weather. Landing at the airport in Koh Chang was “iffy”, so I was all too happy not to risk it. So, an unexpected night in Bangkok put a little monkey wrench in our plans. Back to BKK we go! There was a lot of kind of wasted time this day since we were back and forth between airport terminals and waiting.

Day 5 Our second attempt at Koh Chang was successful and we were sipping a frozen concoction beach-side by lunch time this time around. This was the plan for the day before, but travel isn’t always perfect; you’ve gotta be ready for hiccups! We explored the beaches in front of our hotel, played cards on our porch and and took in the view from our beach-front bungalow all afternoon.

Palms Paradise Beachfront Hut

Day 6 We spent all day at the White Sand Beach on Koh Chang on Day 6. The half-moon shaped bay provided cool, calm waters for swimming and soft white sands for sun bathing. We found the beach paradise we hoped for in Thailand and did not leave until the sun started setting.

White Sand Beach Koh Chang

Day 7 Because of the hiccup in our plans, we only had one full day on Koh Chang before we were on an airplane back to (you guessed it!) BKK and Bangkok. If I am honest, Mike and I were completely, and utterly overwhelmed by Bangkok. We do not like cities in general; we prefer wide open spaces. We did not really plan on seeing much in Bangkok. We looked at our 24 hours in the city as a place to “catch up.” And catch up we did – on emails, laundry and sleep! We did manage to grab dinner and drinks at a very scenic restaurant. Then, it was back to the hotel to get ready for our flight – out of BKK and Thailand.

Dinner and Drinks in Bangkok, Thailand

There are parts of Thailand that I love (the elephants and beaches) and others that I can honestly say that I don’t (traffic in Bangkok). I just was not really a fan of the cities of Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Big cities just are not our thing. But, thanks to BKK, we were able to travel throughout the huge country quickly and rather inexpensively. No train rides for us! That is why we work! Cheers!

Why do you want to travel in Thailand?

6 thoughts on “Seven Days in Thailand: Jungles, Beaches and Sky Scrapers

  1. tamwarner

    I loved Thailand…even Bangkok, which I found magical with all of the Wats and spirit houses. I spent two weeks there, and one week was spent underwater in the Andaman sea.

  2. Bruno B @ Geeky Explorer

    Thanks for this quick but insightful visit to Thailand!
    I’m going there for 18 days soon and I LOVED the idea of volunteering in the Elephant Park! Did you just show up or there’s some kind of pre-book needed?

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      I pre-booked Bruno. It is best as it gets busy there. It is an amazing experience to be with the elephants and see how many people want to help out! You can spend more than one day there too; if you have time I’d suggest that!

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Hi Shae – Our week in Thailand – including flights, hotels, food and entertainment – was around $4500 USD. We used Marriott points for two nights in Bangkok, but everything was cash (i.e. no airline miles, etc.) The flights were from Miami, Fl and went through JFK (New York) and DOH (Qatar). Hope this helps!!! 🙂


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