Skiing in the Desert: Ski Dubai

Confession: We did not actually ski at Ski Dubai.

Confessions over. The real story here is that there is snow in the desert. A chance to cool off in the middle of July was worth every penny – even if I did have to wear a ridiculously large clown outfit.

ski dubai in July

Ok. Here is the deal. I am from Florida and had stood on skis exactly 2 times before this trip. Mike, from New York, even less. We were on a long vacation and kinda freaked out over the thought of falling and getting injured and ruining the rest of our trip. International healthcare bills just seem scary expensive. They might not be, we just did not take any chances.

We took the uber clean train from our downtown hotel to the Mall of the Emirates. We walked around the mall – because that is OK to do in Dubai – and found Ski Dubai. The entrance is like any other attraction: ticket windows, lines of people and concession stands. Ski Dubai provides the clothing you need too, good thing because snow gear was not something that made it with me to Dubai. In July.

While we did not ski, we rode ski lifts up a hill and sleds and tubes down the hill.

Ski Lifts in Ski Dubai

We even went zorbing for the first time. If you have ever climbed into a large, plastic bubble ball and tumbled like a hamster in the spin cycle you have gone zorbing. Who knew tumbling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball would be so entertaining. On a side note: do not visit the snack bar before getting into one of these balls.

zorbing in ski dubai

We felt like kids for a few hours and reveled in the less than boiling temperatures. Ski Dubai is an engineering feat that I am happy to have experienced. Plan a half day when in Dubai to visit Ski Dubai and cool off.

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