Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Kayak Kauai

Almost every month Mike and I (OK, just Mike) load up our kayaks and hit the road. We spend lots of weekends exploring the rivers and inter-coastal waterways around of home with our kayaks. So when we booked our trip to Kauai, I started looking for kayaking tours on the island. I knew that the beaches of Kauai would be spectacular, but I wanted to explore the interior of Kauai. However, when I found Kayak Kauai the idea of stand up paddle boarding intrigued me. Plus, Kayak Kauai offered rentals only, without the need of a tour guide.

SUP Rentals Kauai Kayak Kauai

We booked out rentals over the phone 3 weeks in advance with ease. Once we were on the island, I knew we would love exploring her rugged interior.

Kayak Kauai is easy to find; right off the main highway. We pulled in and had our stand up paddle (SUP) boards loaded onto our jeep within 15 minutes. You do have to drive around the corner to actually launch your SUP, but it really was not an issue for us.

SUP Jeep Wrangler Kauai Hawaii

We launched and headed west up the Waliua River. The views of the mountains are so pretty. SUP was easier than I thought, but at just under 5 feet tall, I also have a pretty low center of gravity! Ha!

Lucky for us, we had both the wind and the current in our favor, so we made it out to the hiking location is about 30 minutes. If I thought the SUP was fun, I was in for a surprise because the hike was wildly beautiful. We hiked through dense grass taller than me (which is not that high, now that you know I’m only 5 feet tall!) The path meandered along a stream and we walked over tree roots, under thick canopies of leaves and around boulders.

Hiking Path Kayak Kauai Wailua River

We ended at a waterfall-fed pond. While the waterfall was almost none-existent, the pond was clear and cool and such a refreshing place after our hike. We swam and ate lunch and left when another family arrived.

Wailua River Hike to Waterfall

We launched our SUP and prepared for a much longer paddle back. Sure enough, the wind blew against us and the current pushed us backwards. Boats passed us and rocked us a little, but the fact that Hawaii does not have alligators, crocodiles or biting fish, I did not mind if I fell in. In fact, I jumped in one time just to cool off.

SUP rental Wailua River Kayak Kauai

A great way to explore the interior of Kauai is a kayak or SUP down the Waliua River. You have rental/tour options, but we loved the ease of renting with Kayak Kauai and their customer service is top-notch. Kauai’s coastline is dramatic. I mean, the Napali Coast is an obvious draw to Kauai. However, a trip inland is highly recommended when in Kauai.

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