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Travel Interview: Places, People + Stories

Places People and Stories Travel Blog Interview

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?
I have lived in Bolivia for almost 3 years now. For two years I was the director of a foundation working with street kids. At that time, my life was very hectic and I worked much more than 9-5. The last six months I have been working as a freelancer, and now my time is a bit more flexible. But usually during the working hours you will find me on my lap-top writing. After work, I spend most of the time with my husband. We like to see movies, go out to eat, or take a trip in the park with our little cute dog.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?
That has to be my parents. As a child we travelled a lot by car through Europe. Until a certain age, I did not appreciate the travels that much. But the older I got, the more I understood that I loved to travel, and finally got addicted. Later, when starting to study at the university, it was friends that inspired me, and I went on many trips with them in the holidays.

How have you changed your life to travel more?
Firstly, I have as long as I can remember been very careful with money. I tried to save as much as possible for use on travels. I never have the last model of mobile phones, expensive brand-name clothes or other material things young people might be interested in. Furthermore, I tried to live as cheaply as possible. For example, renting an affordable place and rarely eat outside. Besides this, I worked hard in the nights and weekends besides my studies, and I saved it all.

I also decided to take a master degree that was online, so that I could be anywhere in the world while working. I worked mostly in Norway, but took some weeks to travel now and then. In the summer holidays I travelled for 2 months.

Now, my husband and I try to not spend so much, and continue to live cheaply. It has been hard as we had to get a new place to live, and buy new furniture. There are many expenses and bills to pay every month. However, we manage to put aside savings every month for our travels.

How has travel changed your life?
Travelling has changed my perspectives in many ways. Now, I appreciate what I have so much more. When I was in Nigeria doing the research for my thesis, I found myself in an unsecure and armed conflict zone. Furthermore, I did not have access to water or electricity. However, I was still happy, and so where most of the people living there permanently. This made me understand that no material things in this world will make me happy. What will make me happy is being with people I love and that love me back.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?
The main goal of my blog is to make my readers aware of the “not-so-obvious” when it comes to travelling. I like to write posts about travel topics rarely discussed. Another goal of Places, People and Stories is to teach my readers something new. And there is nothing better than when you write a post with a topic that can really be discussed, and you get several comments with different point of views.

Wife with Baggage Travel Blog Interview with Places People and Stories

This or That:
Backpack or Rolling Suitcase Rolling suitcase – It is not as heavy to drag around as a backpack, and my things are better organized.
Cities or Open Spaces Open spaces
Salty or Sweet Sweet… mmmh I love everything that is sweet.
Sandals or Snow Boots Sandals. I love snow, but I grew up in a very cold country, and we are all very happy when it is warm and beach weather.
Comedy or Drama Nothing is better than a good comedy.

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Traveler Interview: Localize J

Travel Interview with Localize J

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?
I find myself lucky to be working irregular hours as a police officer. I love my job and all its challenges. I love to go into situations that turn out to be so different from what you expect. It takes a lot of flexibility and fantasy to get it to a good end sometimes. I never know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to be at in a day’s work. I love that about my work. It is something I can use while traveling also. You always get something that is not quite what you’ve expected; sometimes not at all what you’ve expected. But, within a couple of minutes (sometimes a bit longer) you see the positive side of it and start enjoying things in a different and new manner.

Who or what inspired you to travel the first time?
As a child we always traveled to surrounding countries as Germany, Belgium, France or England. At some point I started to enjoy other things and haven’t traveled for some years. As an adult, I went to Thailand with my dad and I loved it. In the years to come I took trips with my mom in Europe, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Guatemala. After that trip I really started to plan my own trips.

How have you changed your life to travel more?
It certainly has changed my life! I already wrote a blog about my life, but now I am writing about travel in English. When at home I write about my travels and search for new adventures. I work for traveling; before I lived for working 🙂 I love my life, love my job and love that it gives me the freedom just to go away for a couple of months every other year. I do not spend much money on things that are not important to me. I try to save as much as possible to spend it elsewhere. I still got the feeling that somewhere, somehow, somebody will say to me “But this is not how you can live your life. You have to do ‘XY or Z.’” But still – I am getting away with doing what I am doing. My near future includes a trip to South Africa, a cultural trip of 8 days to Turkey and a month to India. I was invited to a wedding in New Delhi. Isn’t that all great?

How has travel changed your life?
I am a person that respects other persons, other opinions and other lifestyles. I have lived in different layers of the society because of wrong decisions I made as a teenager. I know what it is to have no money. I know how it feels if nobody can help you. I got out of that situation and build my life to what it is now. I am still expanding my life and the world is getting smaller. Everything is possible. Everything is good. Nobody can tell you what you need to do. While traveling you see so many women and men who are traveling long term. If they can do it, why can’t I?

What is your main purpose/goal for your travel blog?
To share; sharing is multiplying. To inspire; do what you want, do what you like. You make your own life, live it and love it!

This or that:
Backpack or rolling  suitcase? Backpack – I do see people traveling like a backpacker with a rolling suitcase….but I like to travel with the backpack.
Cities or Open spaces? Open spaces – I do like cities also but I love to see the landscape of countries or the jungles or mountains.
Salty or Sweet? Salty – Sometimes sweet, but most of the time salty food!
Sandals or Snow Boots? Sandals – Because I love the sun!! I love Asia, going to Africa next month and want to go to South America also. What do I need to do with snow boots??
Comedy or drama? Comedy – Everybody needs some comedy in their lives; laughing is healthy!

Localize J

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Traveler Interview: Country Hopping Couple

I always love meeting other couples who love to travel as much as me and Mike. Anu, from Country Hopping Couple answered the following questions on behalf of her other half, Sri.

Country Hopping Couple Interview Pictures

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

We both work full time, Sri as an IT Professional, and I work in Human Resources.   When we are not travelling, we are at home doing our chores, spend time with friends, playing board games or cards, or watching movies.  Recently, Sri started playing Table Tennis and I play Badmitton twice a week.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

To me, it has to be my father, who inspired me to read books.  His interest in history and geography always amazed me and has deep imbibed in me too.  He has travelled a lot, and took our family to a lot of places within India. And as a grown up girl, I loved the freedom that travel offers and how independent it makes an individual. Sri has been travelling a long time too, and he simply loves the new atmosphere, seeing new places or doing some adventure activities.

How have you changed your life to travel more?

We chose an expat lifestyle to travel more, experience a country from close quarters and live like a local.  It has been our lifestyle ever since the two of us got together. Albeit, we miss our family, friends and home! We stay in rented apartments and we are always prepared to move location or even countries.  Since we do not have a permanent home, we make sure whatever we buy is small and something we can carry. We do not spend extravagantly on home decors, interiors or on a luxury car.  But we are not too calculative either.  We both are impulsive buyers and spend a great deal of money on gadgets. We spend, enjoy life for that moment, and save the little money to spend them on travel again. We are always very happy with our decisions and choices.

How has travel changed your life?

We are risk takers, and are not afraid of what life throws at us.  We have lived in three countries, and every time we move, we are only excited about the change and new place. We know however difficult the situation is, it shall pass on, and we will learn how to keep our heads cool during these times.  We are both spend thrifts and we are glad that travelling is making us cultivate the habit of saving money.  We now know that smiles, head shakes and gestures are sufficient enough to make new friends and language is not a barrier wherever we are!  We start appreciate cultures and different types of people we come across while travelling, and are amazed at their lifestyle. Be it the local fisherman in Malta, or the unknown man who helped us with directions.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

We want to inspire and inform the world that travelling is possible with a full time job.  We want to give them the best tips and ideas on travelling, share the best kept secrets and hidden getaways. We want to help them understand that travelling is not about going far off exotic places and staying in expensive resort. It can be as simple as a weekend gateway to somewhere close to where one live. We want to persuade people to do what they love, and not just live a life to pay the bills.

This or That:
Backpack or rolling suitcase? Rolling Suitcase
Cities or Open Spaces? Actually both; we would love the combination of both.
Salty or sweet? Salty, always!
Sandals or Snow Boots? Sandals
Comedy or Drama? Comedy

Interview with Country Hopping Couple

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Travel Interview: Have You Packed the Camera?

HaveYouPackedTheCameraInterviewIf not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

I work in the exciting steel reinforcement industry as a Production & Transport Planner. I enjoy my work. I am not a career person, per se, but my job is my means to afford to travel and have fun. Out of work, I regularly play badminton and basketball and always try to keep in shape.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

I have always been lucky enough to go abroad on holidays with my parents. Going away was something I looked forward too. As I grew older I loved watching travel and nature documentaries, particularly the BBC series presented by David Attenborough such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. I wanted to see these wonderful places and cultures for myself. Furthermore, I have undergone kidney transplantation and, unfortunately, this will not last indefinitely. Therefore, I try to make the most of my life and experience while I am healthy.

How have you changed your life to travel more?

Funding my travels has made me careful with my money, but never tight. I always make sure I buy something if I want it, and never pass an opportunity to go out with friends. Travel is important to me, but I would never travel at the expense of having an enjoyable day-to-day life. I have started staying in hostels when I travel too, to save on hotel costs. I find this makes a huge difference as hostels can be as cheap as £10 per night where a hotel might be £50 upwards.

How has travel changed your life?

Travel has, without a doubt, made me more confident and outgoing. I have never been an extremely talkative person, but travelling solo has encouraged me to make an effort to talk to strangers and step outside of my comfort zone. I am definitely more impulsive now (not sure if that’s a good thing or not). Before I really started travelling I would plan everything out. Now I will generally book a trip and then worry about the planning and details after.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

I started Have you Packed the Camera as a personal journal and memory bank; a place I could store my stories, photos and memories from my travels, so I can look back on what I have done. I would like to think that people also enjoy looking at my photography and find the travel info I provide useful.

This or That:
Backpack or rolling suitcase? Rolling suitcase
Cities or Open Spaces? Open Spaces
Salty or Sweet? Sweet
Sandals or Snow Boots? Snow Boots
Comedy or Drama? Comedy

Taking a nap as you do!

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Traveler Interview: The Talking Trails

Kanik from The Talking Trails

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

When people ask me what I do for living and I say I’m a Software Professional, they look with awe, seem fairly impressed and think I am some sort of geek. My usual day involves only 3 things: coffee, code and computer.  I live with my husband in beautiful city of Boston. Since the span of Summer is so short in North East, practically all of our weekends are pre-booked with new town excursions, biking or planning hiking in White Mountains.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

I grew up in India. My parents were very protective and never let me go anywhere, alone. They used to arrange incredible trips for the whole family during our summer vacation which really got me hooked on to the idea of travel. This is also the reason why I find it impossible to do budget travels. They have truly spoiled me. It wasn’t until l moved to US that I started exploring the world on my own with my limited means. I met my husband while doing masters and we bonded over travel and photography. We fell in love and rest is history. Travelling is my true passion and I am glad to have a life partner who feels the same.

How have you changed your life to travel more?

It does get tricky to juggle between monotonous 9 to 5 job and travelling. With huge student loans, I cannot deny that a job is really important for me even though my true passion lies in travelling. To travel you need money and that makes the day job even more important. I put certain percentage of every paycheck in my travel saving fund. If you ever get to see my browsing history, you will find travel deal websites that I have checked to get a deal on anything or everything. Also, since me and my husband are vegetarians, we carry our food with us wherever we travel to keep the overall cost of the trip low. Lastly, I sometimes work over the weekends and nights to get more time off for vacations.

How has travel changed your life?

For starters, travel is the reason I fell in love with my husband in the first place and my life has been beautiful ever since then. Travel has taught me that not all things are in our control so it is OK to let things go at times. Travel has helped me be tolerant of others, appreciate minimalism and has given me courage to take the risks. I have started appreciating small things in life and feel myself better prepared for life’s complexities. I have become a money saver now, which I never was before. I have gained beautiful memories and experiences. More than anything, travel has helped me to appreciate home.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

The Talking Trails was born out of my sheer desire to show world to my parents through my eyes. They took me to so many places when I was young and I missed them while travelling so I wanted to be with them virtually. Also I thought it to be a great way to keep track of my mistakes, my achievements and my learnings.  I hope it keeps evolving and turns into something more broadly encompassing with time. I really want to inspire people to travel and not let 9 to 5 jobs come in their way.

This or That:
Backpack or rolling suitcase? Rolling Suitcase, without a doubt
Cities or Open Spaces? Open Spaces any day
Salty or sweet? Is spicy an option?? But if I have to pick one, I’ll say salty
Sandals or Snow Boots? With over 6 months of snow period in Boston, I love to wear sandals for my vacation time.
Comedy or Drama? Both; you would be amazed to know how much television or movies I can watch in a day. My personal record is 18 hours nonstop.

The Talking Trails

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Travel Interview: Freelancers on the Road

Freelancers on the Road BeachIf not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

We are full-time freelance translators and work from home. We founded our translation business in 2011 after pursuing careers in marketing and finance. Our home base is Tyrol, Austria, where we own a little apartment. We generally travel about 4 months per year with additional day or weekend trips around Europe. When we are not traveling we focus on work (reliable internet, yay!), try out new (mostly vegetarian) recipes, go skiing in winter, grow veggies in our garden and cuddle the neighbor’s cat.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

We have both been traveling from a young age with our families. Irene’s first international trip was to the Greek island of Rhodes, while Stefano visited Vienna (talk about a sign – he now lives in Austria). Travel has been part of our lives ever since we can remember, as we both grew up in Europe, where other countries are never far away.

How have you changed your life to travel more?

We actually changed careers! We were both working in 9-5 jobs when we decided to take 6 months off to travel the world in 2009. As soon as we returned, we started to look for options to work location independently, however it took us 1.5 years to figure out what we wanted to do – that is when we founded our translation company. In addition, we generally prioritize travel and don’t spend much on clothes, gadgets or furniture.

How has travel changed your life?

Travel educates and surprises us every day. There is never a dull moment when we are traveling and we enjoy getting to know other cultures and customs. We love to visit well-known sights, figuring out where to go, communicating using our hands and feet and dealing with (inevitable) mishaps. Travel makes us feel alive and provides life-long learning opportunities.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

We aim to provide helpful tips and tangible information about the places we visit. As we get a lot of questions about freelancing (a concept that is not yet widespread in Europe) we also try to present our lifestyle and show how to make money while traveling regularly. And of course we also aim to inspire people to create the lifestyle they dream of.

This or That:
Backpack or Rolling Suitcase? Irene & Stefano: Backpack
Cities or Open Spaces? Irene & Stefano: Cities
Salty or sweet? Irene: Sweet, Stefano: Salty
Sandals or Snow Boots? Irene & Stefano: Sandals
Comedy or Drama? Irene & Stefano: Comedy

Freelancers on the Road

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Travel Interview: The Traveling Canucks

Traveling Canucks Pic3


If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

We do not live a nomadic lifestyle. We travel as much as possible but our average day consists of daycare, corporate jobs and bedtime routines with our little boys. On days off, we love to play in the mountains, snowboarding in the winter and hiking/camping in the summer.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

We both started traveling at young ages. Cameron started on a trip to Kenya with his family when he was 12. Nicole started traveling when she went backpacking around Europe with a friend when she turned 19.

How have you changed your life to travel more?

All of our vacation days are spent traveling. We take advantage of long weekends and plan trips that will be toddler appropriate. We are vigilant and consistent with loyalty programs, which helps fund a lot of our trips.

How has travel changed your life?

There was a time we wanted to travel indefinitely. So we did. But after a year we realized we wanted a family and didn’t like being broke all of the time. We now love traveling with our sons and showing them the world. We see destinations through their eyes, giving us a whole new perspective.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

To share our adventures, stories and travel tips from around the globe, with the hope that it inspires our readers to travel or helps them plan their next big adventure.

This or That:

Backpack or Rolling Suitcase? Rolling Suitcase
Cities or Open Spaces? Cities
Salty or Sweet? Cameron – Salty: Nicole – Sweet
Sandals or Snow Boots? Cameron – Snow Boots: Nicole – Sandals
Comedy or Drama? Comedy

Traveling Canucks Pic1

Please share any contact you would like here:

Website: http://travelingcanucks.com/ & http://tipsforbabytravel.com
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Travel Interview: Christina Loiacono from Zerve

Christina from Zerve

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

I work in travel, discovering exciting new activities and contributing to my company’s blog. Outside of work, I’m a proud military wife. When not working, I’m often found hanging out with my white mini-schnauzer named Leroy. I’m really into wine, and I also bake …a lot!

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

I grew up in a small town within the Adirondack Mountains and had always wanted to see new places. During college I sought out opportunities to travel through internships. In just one summer I experienced the Southern charm and rolling hills of Eastern Tennessee, and saw my first sunset over an Arizona desert from a mountaintop! I was hooked!

How have you changed your life to travel more?

I’m very conscious to live only within my means, but I can’t say that I’ve changed much of my lifestyle to travel. There is so much to see! Many of my favorite trips have been weekend stays in nearby locations and driving keeps the costs down.

How has travel changed your life?

Travel is entirely responsible for my love affair with food. I’m always seeking it out and spending too much money on it. I’ve also become very good at finding things-to-do and reflecting on the good in every place I visit.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

I don’t have a blog of my own currently, but Zerve, the blog I work for, is all about highlighting extraordinary experiences and equipping people with what they need to know to have those amazing experiences. It’s got a little of everything!

This or That:
Backpack or Rolling Suitcase? Rolling suitcase.
Cities or Open Spaces? Both. I’ve lived in each, and my experiences from both make up a large part of who I am today.
Salty or Sweet? Sweet, though it would have stiff competition if umami were a choice.
Sandals or Snow Boots? Sandals. I don’t own snow boots.
Comedy or Drama? Comedy.

From life in NYC - Columbus Circle

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