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Traveling Around The World On A Budget

Traveling the world is the dream. Of course, it’s easy to tell yourself that it’s a pipe dream when you consider the costs of such a venture, right? Well, maybe you don’t have to make do with lounging around on a sunbed in your back garden next time the summer break swings around. Traveling doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as you might imagine if you do your research. And that doesn’t just include budget vacations to seaside resorts. There are ways to see incredible places around the world without crippling your bank account.

So, next time your friend asks if you’ve been traveling lately, you don’t have to respond with the typical, “I don’t have enough money for that.” If you’ve been dying to see the world for a long time now then here are some pieces of advice that should help you see all the great sights you’ve only ever seen in pictures for a very reasonable price.

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This is one of the most fascinating continents in the world when it comes to diverse and influential cultures. North America boasts a wide variety of culture across its many states (which are essentially miniature countries in their own right). Still, traveling to the Northern part of this continent might set you back a little bit with your bank balance. Of course, if you want to see something different (perhaps you already live in the United States so you’d like to venture further out into the world), then Central America might be a part of the world that you’d much rather visit.

For the explorer who’s on a mission to experience some of the most culture-soaked spots in the world, you’ll definitely find a lot of that in the center of this continent. Smaller Central American countries such as El Salvador and Nicaragua are fantastically low-budget with regards to accommodation and meals. Most importantly, however, you’ll be seeing fantastic sights for these low prices. Jungles, surfs, ancient ruins, and barely any tourists to ruin your sightseeing experience; this is the perfect part of the world to visit on your travels.


Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. Again, much like every other continent, its countries are diverse and proud of their individual heritages. Nonetheless, there’s some semblance of a bond and connection between all the countries in this part of the world. If you’re looking for a budget traveling experience, however, then Far Eastern Europe is definitely the part of this continent that you need to visit. Not only do you pay far less in countries such as Ukraine and Bulgaria than you would in western European places such as France or Germany but you get just as much charm. They’re definitely stunning countries with far more to their culture and story than people might assume from the surface of things.

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Asia is a vast and sprawling continent boasting many diverse cultures. It’s hard to suggest any single place to begin but Indonesia is definitely a fantastic place to see if you’re on a budget. However, a low cost of living by western standards does not, by any means, detract from the sheer wonder of the country in itself. A full dinner may cost the equivalent of 1 dollar but the meals you can get for such a small amount of money are absolutely delicious. Chili spices, coconut milk, fish, and chicken are just a few of the staples that you’ll find in most Indonesian cuisine and you can’t beat the taste of their local, fresh delicacies. In terms of history and heritage, there are many beautiful and fascinating temples in the heart of Indonesia. The Prambanan and Borobudur temples, Toraja and Bali, are well worth a visit if you want an insight into Hinduism. Most tours come at incredibly reasonable prices too.

You could also look into a cheap room for rent in Singapore if you’re interested in the area of Southeast Asia. This city-state truly is a beautiful combination of modern city landscapes and ancient cultural heritage. If you want to see the world on a budget then this is definitely one of the places you should include on your journey; it’s low-cost and high-reward in terms of the experiences you’ll have. The ‘Lion City’, as it’s often called, is also a very unique place because it’s the only island city-state in the world. Of course, claims to fame such as this aren’t the things that make Singapore such a wonderful place to visit. It has wonderful sights such as Merlion Park to thank for that; home to the Merlion statue, with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, this park is just one of many jaw-dropping sights in this great place. The Macritchie Nature Trail, often notable for its incredible elevated walkway towering above the biodiversity of Singapore below, is another fantastic sight that you need to see.


To be more specific, you need to see South Africa. Many Northern African countries are worth visiting if you want an eye-opening experience and have some time or resources available to help people who are struggling in places such as Nigeria and elsewhere. Still, if you’re looking simply to travel and spend as little money as possible whilst still having an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience then South Africa is definitely somewhere you need to visit.

It’s unbelievable that you can have a safari experience here that takes you through some of the most stunning locations in that part of the world at a ridiculously low-budget price. Gems such as Hluhluwe-Imfolozi are the perfect place to see creatures such as the white rhino; it’s a humbling and thought-provoking experience which might just inspire you to do more to protect these endangered species. Of course, you’ll also want to visit famous tourist hotspots such as Cape Town. Yes, some top tourist locations can be infuriatingly crowded but this one is definitely worth the visit.

This post was a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I loved the content enough to publish it here, on Wife with Baggage. I hope you are as inspired, intrigued and interested in this content as I am!

Six Real World Examples of How WE Are Saving Money for Travel

I capitalized the word “we” in the title of this post for a reason. As Montell Jordan so eloquently put it in his 1995 radio hit “This is how WE do it!” and by “it” I am referring to saving money to travel more.

The idea for this post came after being asked (repeatedly) “How do you save for travel?” Before now, I feel as if my answers were too vague. Answers like “We set a budget and stick to it” or “We have a vacation fund” have escaped my mouth too often. While these statements are true, they are not specific enough. After giving general, sweeping answers one too many times I want to (finally) give a clear and specific answer that outlines realistic and functional tips on how WE save money to travel more.

Last weekend I picked up the camera and walked through our house in search of specific ways WE are actively and passionately saving for travel as we speak. Here is what I came up with.

Saving Cash Make a Grocery List

1. WE make a list of needed groceries before we go to the store:  I grew up in a household where both parents worked full-time and shuffled me and my brother around town for various extra curricular activities. Yet, we ate a home cooked dinner together most nights.  How? My mom planned our evening meals in advance and created the grocery list based on this menu. She made the list before grocery shopping. Having grown up with this, making a list is second nature to me, but I know this is not the case for everyone. A detailed, organized list will help you buy only what you need – saving you money each week on your grocery bill. No more duplicate bottles of ketchup. No more random I-can’t-remember-if-we-have-this purchases (those are so annoying!) or impulse cookie buys. Create a list, stick to it and watch your grocery bill shrink  (*Bonus: A list is also a real time-saver and great way to plan healthy, wholesome meals for quality family time around the table!)

Saving Money Reuseable Water Bottle

2. WE use a reuseable water bottle: Most health experts suggest that our daily intake of water be around 64 ounces, give or take some based on your age, activity level, etc. Most companies sell 17 ounce bottles of water. If my math is correct, a person should consume roughly 4 bottles of water a day. If there are typically 24 bottles in a case, this equates to about one case, per person per week. (Bear with me and this math): (one case of water) $20 x 2 (the number of people in OUR family/household) = $40/week, or $2080/year! I think those numbers speak for themselves! Wouldn’t you rather spend $5.00 on a reuseable water bottle and save your money for Heaven’s sake! (*Bonus: Reuseable water bottles are also a great way to save on the amount of plastic waste created by us humans everyday!)

Saving Money Make Up

3. WE (OK, only Diane) buy “drug store” makeup instead of “department store” makeup:  I’ve never had the luxury of wearing expensive makeup, which might a good thing since I don’t know what I am missing. But honestly, I think we, as women, spend waaay too much on beauty products as it is! Want a suggestion on how to cut your spending in this category? Buy a less expensive product. I’m not suggesting you stop buying makeup altogether, just shop around for a lower-priced item instead. This strategy won’t work for everyone, but remember, this is how WE do it! 😉

Saving Cash Programmable Thermostat

4. WE use a programmable thermostat: This little device has single-handedly saved us hundreds in heating and cooling costs over the last year. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also a great way to save money. Michael and I have programmed our air conditioner’s thermostat (because let’s face it, we live in Florida and our heater hardly ever runs) to a higher temperature during times of the day we are not home (work hours, trips, etc.) and more when we are (nights, weekends). This makes sure the unit is not running more than necessary. They’re easy to program (If I can do it, so can you!) and you can change the temperature, schedule or settings at any time. We did not have to upgrade our AC unit or make any special purchases, other than this device to start saving the green, both leaves and money!

Saving Money Make Your Own Coffee

5. WE make our own coffee: Mike and I love a good, strong cup of coffee most mornings. It would add up very quickly if even one of us bought a cup of coffee a few days a week! I did more math (I thought blogs were about words, not numbers!) and found that at $3 a pop, even 4 coffees a week can add up to over $625 a year! Now, since I think in terms of airplane tickets – that could be 2 round trip flights from South Florida to California!! We are not  willing to give up our mid-week java fixes, and we shouldn’t have too! We just buy our favorite blends (his caffeinated, mine decaf) and brew at home!

Saving Money Take Lunch

5. WE make and pack our lunch daily: I’ll save you all the math with this one and just tell you that we save A TON of money with this one! (Like, well over $1,000 each year) Two people, two lunches, 5 days a week; it adds up quickly! This is also where having dinner planned weekly helps, as my favorite lunches are leftovers from dinner! Just make sure you include lunch food on your grocery list so that you have food to pack for your mid-day refuel all week!

So, here it is – my precise, detailed answer to a question I’ve unintentionally skirted around for long enough. I hope these real life examples of how WE save can help you! These strategies work in OUR home, but I know that they are not one-size-fits-all. We want to travel as much as we can, so these changes/sacrifices are worth it to us. It’s a mindset; a lifestyle. It’s how WE do it!

Do YOU think your family can adopt even one of these habits? Does your family have other cost cutting tips? Leave your ideas and tips below!