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Top 8 Must-See Places in Colorado

So, you’re planning to take a trip to Colorado and looking for suggestions on the must-see places in the Centennial State? Perhaps you want to visit the National Parks or spend a few days exploring Denver. There are plenty of beautiful cabins for rent in Colorado nestled away to give you comfort and luxury on your trip. Here are some things you should consider when you’re in Colorado.

1# Try the Longest and Fastest Zipline in Colorado:

Located in the Rocky Mountains National Park, challenge yourself to try out this extreme activity. The Zipline is open all year round, so there’s no excuse for missing out on this thrilling experience. Tour packages are available online where you can choose from four to eight rides. Or why not combine them all if you have extra time and feeling more adventurous in this spectacular national park? Take the opportunity and book this fantastic experience.

2# Experience the Durango and Silverton Train Ride:

For a more relaxed trip, head to Durango in the southwest. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge and Railroad Museum is an excellent place to visit on a day trip. There are a few packages to choose from depending on what suits your time and budget. Visit the museum and take the train ride from Durango to Silverton and back again while listening to the historical narration to learn about this famous railway.

3# Visit the Garden of Gods:

The Garden of Gods is renowned for its red rocks and geological formations. This is a great place to enjoy with the whole family especially if you have young kids who love the outdoors. A vast park with beautiful views, museums and dinosaur exhibits appeal to the younger ones.

You can also join an open-air jeep or a Segway tour to have a more up-close experience. For the more adventurous, hike the trails or go rock climbing. The park offers a free 20-minute nature talk and a 30-minute guided tour each day at 10.00am or 2.00pm. If this still isn’t enough, they have a 5 km fun run every Thursday evening from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. You can easily spend an entire day here with the whole family without getting bored.

4# Go Mountain Biking in Fruita:

Mountain biking trails in Fruita are probably the best in all of Colorado. This is a haven for bike enthusiasts with the many paths to choose from depending on your time and ability. There are quick and shorter paths on 18 roads, which typically take between one to two hours. For more extended and challenging trails, try the Kokopelli Loops with more obstacles and scenic views. Expect to spend up to four hours to do the harder routes.

5# Visit the Dinosaur National Monument:

Another national park worth visiting in Colorado is the Dinosaur National Monument. You can see Dinosaur fossils from the Deinonychus, Abydosaurus and Allosaurus. With more than 800 paleontological sites, it makes a fun historical day trip. The Monument is near the border with Utah, a few hours from Denver. When you get to the visitor centre, take a scenic drive along the Tour of Tilted Rocks and Harpers Corner. If you’re up for this desert adventure, be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.

6# Visit Aspen:

Famous for its mountains and ski resort, Aspen is also home to local breweries, the Silver Queen Gondola, and mesmerising views. Aspen is a great place to relax in the summer where you can find a beautiful spot to have a picnic and just soak up the green and calming view from the top of the mountains. If you want to visit any of the museums or ride the Gondola, it’s a good idea to book tickets online for discounts and priority passes.

7# Walk Over the Royal Gorge Bridge Park:

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Colorado located an hour away from Colorado Springs. This famous tourist attraction near Cañon City is another thrilling experience for visitors. You can walk the 268-metre bridge from one tower to the next while admiring the view of the gorge below. If the bridge is one of the main highlights of your trip, try the Skycoaster at the nearby theme park. For a more relaxed alternative, ride the gondolas and admire the views from 670 meters in the air. More information is available online, and you can buy tickets from their website at better rates than on the day.

8# Experience the City of Denver:

Most tourists travel to Denver to visit the museums, see the parks and go shopping. Whether you’re here with friends, your partner or the family, Denver has everything you need for a remarkable trip. For shoppers, there are famous malls to choose from on 16th Street, Larimer Square and Cherry Creek. If you prefer a sightseeing trip, sign up for the Free Walking Tour to get a better insight into the city’s famous landmarks and history from a local guide. A range of other paid tours will take you around the city and to nearby attractions.

Have a Fun Trip to Exciting Colorado:

There’s a lot of things to do and see in Colorado, from experiencing the city life to hiking the trails in famous national parks whilst enjoying the surreal views. Whether you’re here for a weekend trip with friends or on an extended vacation with your family, Colorado will have something for everyone. Plan your trip and book your tickets in advance so you can have a much more satisfying and memorable holiday.

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