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5 Days in Tropical Paradise: Great Exuma, Bahamas

Some people think that five days in The Bahamas means five days of laying at the pool or beach. If that sounds perfect to you, you should go. Go now! Book your ticket and pack your bathing suit. But, if you like a little more adventure and activity, five days in The Bahamas might not be for you, right? WRONG! You should still go. Now!

Itinerary for Great Exuma Bahamas

Day 1 – I knew as soon as we began our decent into the Georgetown airport mid afternoon, that I needed to change into my bathing suit fast. Th calm, clear and warm water beckoned me. So, after we found our vacation rental, we found the water. Our property had a dock and sandy bottom swimming area that was perfect. A long walk to dinner at a local boutique hotel, Turquoise Bay, was the end to our first day on the island.

Day 2 – Being in the water was great, but exploring the surrounding waterways and islands was just as exciting. Our boat rental with Minn’s afforded us that opportunity. We cruised the harbor, had a little engine hiccup, cruised some more, snorkeled, ate lunch at The Chat ‘n Chill and swam in Elizabeth Harbor.

Huge Starfish in Great Exuma

Day 3 – We spent our third day on the island exploring land, not the water. We drove north, to the tip of the Great Exuma island as well south, down Little Exuma. There were mangrove swamps, sandy beaches, small villages and luxury resorts. We ate enough fried seafood at Santana’s (on Little Exuma) for an army and managed to find the Tropic of Cancer beach to build a sand man, play paddle board, swim and relax.

Sandman Exuma

Day 4 – I admit that seeing a picture of swimming pigs was the catalyst for our trip to Exuma and on Day 4 I was able to experience it myself. I swam with – OK, away from – pigs. I didn’t account for the fact that pig hooves hurt when they hit your arm or leg. The tour also included snorkeling, feeding lizards and easy walks on barrier islands in the area.

Swimming Pigs Georgetown Exuma

Day 5 – We spent our last day in Exuma kayaking around our vacation rental. The water was calm and clear and perfect for paddling around. Except for crossing a channel, the paddling was very easy. I would have definitely paid to rent kayaks here, but since the boats we used were free with our vacation rental we felt like we really lucked out!


The Crazy Colors of Great Exuma, Bahamas

Exuma in TechnicolorOne thought clouded my brainwaves as we approached Georgetown’s airstrip: “I’ve never seen water this color in real life.” Sure, I’d seen it in photos. Admittedly, I figured the photos were photoshopped to make the water that blue.

White sandy ocean floors paired with clear, blue skies and an intense sun means that this water is in fact that blue. You know that electric blue color of a highlighter blue? Yes, it’s that blue. But, after spending 4 days on the island chain I realized that the water isn’t the only thing that is technicolor. The flowers, animals and even buildings are bright, bold and beautiful. The colors seem amplified and better. But don’t take my word for it, check out our photos to see just how vibrant and almost inescapable the islands’ rainbow of colors is! Elizabeth HarbourChat N Chill Sign

Bright House on Great ExumaDSC_0508

Santana's ExumaBougainvillas ExumaThe colors of the island are so vivid they almost seem unreal. Much like the swimming pigs. Don’t believe, visit Exuma and see it for yourself.