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Northern Utah Vacation Ideas

Utah was an accident. Utah was a means-to-an-end. Utah was not on our “list.”

Utah was an amazing discovery!

Northern Utah Mountains and Canyons

Our final destination was Grand Junction, Colorado. We could have flown into Denver, but Salt Lake City is a Delta hub and we’ve never been to Utah, as opposed to Denver and the Rockies which we’ve visited many times.

Grand Junction, Colorado is a dot on a map but now holds a very special spot in our hearts as we bought our adorable, lovable, smart, handsome and clever little pup there. Our adventures in Utah started as a mission to pick up our French Bulldog, but turned into an exploration of Northern Utah’s peaks and valleys.

Finley The French Bulldog Utah

We drove out of SLC to Park City, a picturesque mountain town with ski slopes, cutesy shops and cafes. It took us a few hours to figure out lift tickets, ski rentals and slope locations. Looking at a ski map is like looking at a map of Beijing; so many roads, errrrr slopes! Once (finally) on the slopes, we understood why so many are drawn to the peaks and slopes of the area each year. The views are beautiful and the snow was powdery and fresh – even in mid-March.

Park City Ski Slopes

We skied another half day the following morning, despite the sore feet, legs and butts. I complained the entire way to the lift, but was then happy to attempt skiing again. I admit that I have natural athletic ability with most sports, but skiing is just not one of them! Maybe we will splurge on lessons at some point?

Following a second night in Park City, we drove east to Moab through the barren deserts and valleys of northern Utah. The scenery looked straight out of wild, wild west movies! Droves of Jeep Wranglers greeted us in Moab. Mike was in heaven, but we were both confused! We later found out there was a “Jeep Safari” in town – that explains the expensive hotel rooms! Needless to say, every restaurant and bar and parking lot was packed, but the town was buzzing with energy.

Canyonlands National Park topped our list and it did not disappoint. The national park is so easy to see as you can drive and stop at different look at points along a paved road. There are easy, quick hikes to do at most of these parking lots as well. There were a ton of campers and people who were staying in the park for multiple days. In true “Mike and Diane fashion” we were there for only a few hours! (I know! It’s a beautiful place – but we have LOTS of beautiful places to see!) But, the hours we were there were magical as we watched the sun set over canyons that rival the Grand Canyon.

Northern Utah Sights

We spent the next day in Moab driving and hiking through Arches National Park. You will see why the park is so aptly named within a few minutes after you arrive.

That last stop in our trip was actually across the state line in Grand Junction, Colorado. We met Finley’s breeder, mom and sister before whisking him away to Florida. Mike is still my favorite travel buddy, but Finley is a natural travel companion and a perfect fit for our family. We are now a party of 3, and that’s fine by me!

Heber Valley, Utah: Every Season of the Year

Michael and I have a surprise to tell you all about! The most handsome, playful and sweet four-legged little boy rocked our world 2 months ago. We flew to Utah, bought a French Bulldog, named him Finley and fell absolutely, irrefutably and unconditionally in love.

Finley The French Bulldog Utah

Here’s the thing. We love Finley. He’s perfect (Proud mom brag #1, check!), but we also really loved our vacation in Utah. We flew in and out of Salt Lake City, but you guys know by now that we escaped the concrete jungle quickly. We headed up in elevation and spent two nights in Park City. We drank wine by firelight and skied for two days. I use the term “ski” loosely here. Michael skied; I plowed my way down at a snail’s pace trying not to bust my face.

From Park City we drove east to Moab where we hiked Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The red rock formations against the blue skies were unforgettable.

The whole trip was unforgettable actually, which has us planning a trip back out to Utah. While we were in Park City, we saw signs for Heber Valley. I googled “Heber Valley Things to do” and was happy with the results; so many outdoorsy and activities for the adventurous, or the adventurous at heart. The tricky part is trying to plan a vacation when you are not 100% sure when to go, but the beautiful truth about Utah is that it is a great vacation destination year round. Our vacation itineraries for each season could be completely different, but all of the options are all in Heber Valley, Utah.

Heber Valley Utah Fun in Every Season of the Year

Heber Valley is only 15 minutes from Park City, so if we go in Heber Valley during the winter we can expect snow. That is perfect for this Florida girl who welcomes the cold (but only for a few days at a time)! And, since I have the attention span of a 6 year old, we can ski a few days, but then mix it up with snow shoeing, snow mobile rides, snow tubing and fire side chats at the Zermatt Resort. Heber Valley has a creamery that makes cheese too. I feel like wine and cheese would be on our itinerary – seems likes an “us” thing to do.

If we return to Utah in the Spring (Should I mention here how jealous of “spring” I am? Florida’s spring is like 3 days long!) I know we will hike and ride horses, those are shoe-ins. I also found a different experience when looking into the Heber Valley Railroad. Even though we are big on driving around ourselves, they have scenic train rides that would probably be the most fun for us. But, the neat aspect of this is that there is likely a train for everyone – your daughter, your son, your husband, everyone! There is even a “cheese train.” I wonder if we can add wine to this ride.

Summer in Heber would keep us the busiest. With cooler temperatures and over 200 miles of trails, we would never go inside. The options seem endless because they are right up our alley: hiking Cascade Springs, kayaking the Provo River and doing paddle board yoga at Homestead Crater. I kind of think the wine and cheese would be on this agenda as well in the form of a picnic.

Mt Timp by Mark Anderson

Even though I am the busiest at work in the Fall, I do not want to miss planning for this season. I picture leaves changing color, a crispness in the air, boots and scarves. Yes, I can be very basic at times! I cannot lie, this girl would definitely break out the two scarves I own and wear them daily! I also picture a midday walk through Wasatch Mountain State Park or a drive to see the changing leaves along the Alpine Loop Scenic Backway, Provo Canyon Scenic Byway or through Strawberry Valley.


I really never knew how versatile and diverse Utah was until going in March. I kind of just thought it was a barren state with a few big rocks. Oh my gosh, I was wrong! You can golf, hike, shop, relax, adventure, eat (and drink wine!) and more! You can hike in the summer the same slopes that you ski on in the winter. You can see a different view if you drive the same road in April than in October. I am really excited to get back out west.

But, do you want to know the absolute best part of planning this trip though? Finely will be riding shotgun with us as we go! Mike will always be my favorite guy, but he now has a four-legged little boy following closely (proud puppy mom brag #2, check!).

Note: While this is a sponsored post, all opinions and thoughts are ours. We have not visited Heber Valley, but truly hope to, despite of (or maybe because of) writing on their behalf!