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Beautiful Bougainvilleas inspired by Bali

Although beautiful and sturdy, our introduction to the Bougainvillea was not a pleasant one. Michael and I both have not-so-fond memories of being scratched and poked by long, sharp thorns. Michael even had the pleasure of “taming” a wild Bougainvillea for a family member that left him needing band-aids and possible referral to an anger management class!

So, you will probably scratch your head in bewilderment when I tell you that we bought three for our own home! Are we gluttons for punishment and pain? Some may think so. However, what really happened was a trip to Bali and a chance to see how beautiful these plants can be (when properly maintained!).

Travel Inspiration:

Bougainvillea in Bali Adi Assri Resort

Here are the (somewhat obvious and not-so-difficult) steps to take:

Purchase the following from your local nursery or home improvement store:

  • your choice of Bougainvillea plants (note that they come in pretty shades pink, white, yellow and orange)
  • pots for said plants
  • soil
  • Bougainvillea food

Buy a Bougainvillea

*Here are examples of the plants we bought.*

Return home and plant the plants. (Come on people, you know how to do this!)

Don’t forget to add the Bougainvillea Food!

You’re done … for a little while at least. After a few months your plants will out grow their trellis. When this happens you can buy a pre-made trellis like these …

Bougainvillea Trellis

… or you can buy the following supplies to make your own trellis:

  • treated 1 1/2 x 1/2 pieces of wood
  • nails and hammer (if you do not already own these tools)

(*You will need to do the math to determine how much wood you’ll need, based on the number and size of the Bougainvillea you have.)

You will also need to purchase plant tie backs to gently guide the direction of growth for your plants up their new trellis.

Bougainvillea Vine Tie Backs

Bogainvillea Food

Bogainvillea Bush

Blooming Bougainvillea


We now get to marvel at these beauties daily, a constant reminder of the lush gardens in Bali! They bloom a few times each year and do really (really) well with water and the Bougainvillea food! We love our little garden and piece of paradise in the suburban jungle of South Florida!

Update: We are bad plant parents. We did not transfer our growing bougainvillea to larger pots and pretty much strangled them! No bueno. Word to the wise – make sure you buy larger pots as your plants grow!

A Wall Hanging with a Southern “Twist”

When wandering the streets of Charleston, South Carolina I noticed beautifully intricate wrought iron everywhere – on windows of homes, fences, garden gates and balcony railings. Each design was precisely welded and appeared strong and sturdy, yet the designs were soft, curving and pretty; the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.

Travel Inspiration:

Wrought Iron Window Covering Charleston South Carolina

Now, as the story goes, Charleston’s wealthy residents insisted on the real deal for the window decor. No cast iron for them. Only the best – wrought iron. But, for me and my purposes, and wallet, I needed a lighter weight (ahem! cheaper) option. My search for a wall hanging led me to this beautiful cast iron wall hanging from World Market – Cost Plus ( I flippin’ love that store).

The piece is very light weight and is held up with only one nail. This is important because I will have to fill in and paint over these holes if, or when, I move the piece. “The more the merrier” does not apply to the number of holes I bang into our walls!

Cast Iron Wall Hanging

Travel Inspired Wrought Iron Wall Hanging

There are no “procedures” or “materials” lists for this project. I mean if you can shop you’ve got the hardest part down! All you’ll need for the installation is a hammer and a common nail. Make sure you use a common nail, or a nail with a larger head, not a brad. Brad’s are nails with much smaller heads and since weight and gravity can allow the wall hanging to slip down or forward a bit, the large nail head will prevent any falls.

Charleston Inspired Decorative Iron

Florida is in the south, but is rarely considered “Southern” so I love that I can bring in a little southern charm to our home. What city inspires you?

Wrought Iron Wall Hangings

Bringing the Desert to Florida with Succulents

I visited Arizona a few years ago and hiked in Sedona, AZ with a girlfriend. While there, we passed a variety of beautiful succulents. We don’t see many succulents in Florida, so I loved this local flora.  They are sturdy, yet pretty, plants that are perfectly suited for the harsh climates and weather of the area. Fast forward to present day. We attended the 2nd birthday party of good friends’ daughter a few weeks ago. Much to my delight, the party favor (from the  “Lorax” themed party) was a succulent. At first, I wasn’t so sure the plant would survive Florida’s rainy season, but then I realized they would make perfect indoor plants!

Travel Inspiration:


I decided they’d go best next to our bay window, where they’d be on full display and still receive bright sunlight each morning. I picked two “containers” for them (buying one and re-purposing another) and used left over potting soil we had in the garage for planting.


  • succulents of your choice.
  • containers/pots of your choice
  • potting soil (We like Miracle Grow soil products.)
  • garden gloves and shovel if you’d like

Indoor Desert Succulents

Travel Inspired Home Decor Arizona

Reading Nook Travel Inspired Decor

My efforts to bring a little AZ to FL worked! Michael and I love to read and drink coffee in our reading nook, hence the coffee cup planter. The succulents add color and bring the outside in to this part of our home. The plants are low maintenance, as they only require a small amount of water each week, which is nice for two busy professionals. Plus, I scored brownie points with Mr. Wife with Baggage for keeping this project under ten bucks. I love getting my hands dirty (literally) with travel inspired DIY projects!

Creating Wanderlust in a Stairwell: Photo Collage

Do you have a big blank wall in your home? We do. It stares at me. More like yells at me. “Cover me up already!” Our naked wall is in our stairwell, a wall I pass multiple times every single day. I know something needs to go there but I do not like buying knick-knacks made in China (no offense, China!) and we do not have the budget for a large piece of quality art. Then, an obvious solution came to me when on Pinterest – a photo gallery. But not just any ol’ photo gallery – a travel photo gallery. There are so many different layouts you can choose, but I chose colorful frames in a nice and neat square. What do you think?

Travel Photo Gallery DIY

Materials Needed:

  • hammer
  • nails
  • tape measure
  • a laser level would be handy, but is not necessary 🙂

Price tag:

  • 9 frames @ 12.99 each = $116.91
  • 9 8×10 photos @ 3.99 each = $35.91
  • Grand Total = $152.82

We no longer walk past an empty wall each time we traverse the stairs. Instead, we are greeted with memories from around the world. The photos evoke feelings of excitement, gratitude and utter happiness. Who would’ve thought photos on a wall could have such a positive impact on our home!