The Five Stages of Travel

Travelling is the chance to see the world, experience cultures that you may not have discovered had you stayed at home, and an opportunity to meet hundreds of fascinating and unusual people. And during your travels, no matter how long they are, you will probably go through many different stages; from adjustment to excitement to exhaustion to rejuvenation. Here’s what to expect when you embark on your globetrotting adventure.

Culture Shock – Getting to a new country on the other side of the world is exciting, but it can also come with some time for adjustment. If you’ve never been outside your own country, then experiencing how another country works can take time to get used to.

You might struggle with the transport system, the heat, the food, or merely feel an itch of homesickness. However, it is vital not to let this affect your enjoyment, and do your best to ride it out.

Never Coming Home – Following the initial adjustment, then comes the feeling that this is the best place in the world – wherever you are. You will by now be wholly engrossed in the travelling way of life, slumming it on lumpy hostel beds, meeting amazing people, and your stomach has finally adapted to the food.

During this time you may very well claim that you are never coming home. While your mother may gasp, she will also be thrilled you’re having such a wonderful time. You will fill social media with photos of what you’ve seen and where you’ve been and will start feeling like this is the life for you.

Everything seems the same – But with every rise comes the inevitable fall. There will be moments where homesickness sets back in, seeing all your friends back home having a great time and you might feel like missing out.

Furthermore, you will have travelled for so long at this point that a lot of the locations and sites seem familiar. There’s only so many temples or beaches or walking streets you can see and be wowed with every time. This can lead to indifference and could, but shouldn’t, ruin your travels.

Treating Yourself – And so the way to combat this is to maybe just take a break bouncing from hostel to hostel. Perhaps it is time you treat yourself.

Sometimes you just feel like you need some rest and relaxation and even perhaps some time away from the traveller’s lifestyle. For times like this, consider researching Sleep Inn and Suites Gatlinburg, and experience a little luxury (like having your own bathroom!) to unwind and rediscover your love for your travels.

Recharged and Ready – After your little taste of luxury, you will feel ready to get back off the beaten track and find ways to carve your way across the world. You will go back into the travelling way of life with newfound energy, and with your experience, you will be able to avoid any scams and money-grabbing tricks.

Being recharged and ready to take on the world will put the trip into perspective, and you can stride forward knowing that this is what you want to do, and nothing will get in your way. Happy travels, and don’t let the tough times get you down.

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