The Most Festive Place On Earth

Most of you will know by now that Santa lives in Lapland. Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland and can quite easily be named as one of the most festive places on the planet. What could beat the place Santa lays his hat?

Hundreds of people travel over to Lapland every winter to make the most of the festive region and get into the Christmas spirit. There are some cool places to stay in Lapland, and tons of amazing activities to do while you stay.

Choose your Santa Experience
If you want to make the most of December and get into that Christmas spirit ahead of the 25th, then you will want to book a trip well in advance as these trips as very high in demand, and rather expensive. However once you do decide to book onto one of these trips, you’ll be able to look forward to setting foot in Santa’s grotto, meeting the elves and feeding reindeer. You’ll even be taken on toboggan rides in the snow and have the chance to ride on a sled with huskies.

If you are looking for something which is less about Santa and more about the activities on offer then you can book with a company like Transun to get a holiday which is more suited to older guests. However, if the whole experience is what you want, then Santa’s Village is the perfect place to go- and you’ll be able to wander through the village, visit the arctic zoo and gain the full Christmas experience first-hand.

When to Go
It probably isn’t the best idea to book this trip for the 25th itself, because although it is incredibly magical to wake up in the midst of heavy snowfall in a wood cabin, it is very pricy and very busy too. Instead, look at taking a short 3-4-day break in early December or the middle of December. You’ll be able to begin your month by getting into the full festive spirit, and by the time you go home you’ll be raring for the big day to come.

What to Expect
Remember that although this might be the most festive place you can go, it isn’t the real deal. To avoid disappointment from the kids, play it down until you get there to manage their expectations- and when you have the best time ever, it will be a perfect surprise for you all.

Lapland is very far north, so bear in mind that it will be incredibly cold where you are staying. This does add to the magic of Christmas, but remember to bring loads of layers to keep you snug and warm during your stay. Invest in plenty of woolly jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves for the stay. Being prepared is the best way to go, so if you pack more than you think you’ll need- that’s the safest bet.

Once you’re wrapped up warm and toasty, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of being in the most festive, most magical place in the world this Christmas.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

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