The Crazy Colors of Great Exuma, Bahamas

Exuma in TechnicolorOne thought clouded my brainwaves as we approached Georgetown’s airstrip: “I’ve never seen water this color in real life.” Sure, I’d seen it in photos. Admittedly, I figured the photos were photoshopped to make the water that blue.

White sandy ocean floors paired with clear, blue skies and an intense sun means that this water is in fact that blue. You know that electric blue color of a highlighter blue? Yes, it’s that blue. But, after spending 4 days on the island chain I realized that the water isn’t the only thing that is technicolor. The flowers, animals and even buildings are bright, bold and beautiful. The colors seem amplified and better. But don’t take my word for it, check out our photos to see just how vibrant and almost inescapable the islands’ rainbow of colors is! Elizabeth HarbourChat N Chill Sign

Bright House on Great ExumaDSC_0508

Santana's ExumaBougainvillas ExumaThe colors of the island are so vivid they almost seem unreal. Much like the swimming pigs. Don’t believe, visit Exuma and see it for yourself.

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