Three Days in Dubai – An Itinerary

Dubai is like a blooming flower. While a flower might open one petal at a time, the city of Dubai is rising from a sandy sea one tall, spectacular skyscraper at a time. I imagine if Michael and I were to visit again in a year or two the skyline would be drastically different. Yes, the building rate is that fast. We actually heard a fact while in the city. Did you know that 25% of all cranes in the world are in Dubai due to the huge construction boom. It’s true. I checked the fact on Wikipedia (you know, the leading research-based online site), and it was accurate!

So, with so much to see in such an ever-changing and growing city where do you start? We started at the mall … where else?

Three Days in Dubai

Day 1 We landed at the extremely clean and huge airport around noon on day one. We checked into our hotel and headed to the mall. Dubai is the only place we have visited that a mall is actually a place of interest (for me, at least!). Some people love shopping while on vacation, I’d rather not. And, to be honest, we did not shop. We walked around and admired how clean and modern the malls are. We also ate falafel for the first time, amazing.


We ordered room service (something we do not normally do) and spent the night in and tried to recover from the time changes.

Day 2 Dune bashing monopolized Day two’s agenda and that was fine by me. The half day tour with Lama Tours featured heart-pounding excitement and a bit of relaxation in the desert – a great combo.

Lama Tours Dubai

Day 3 Skyscrapers and skiing were the highlights of our third and final day in Dubai. We “summited” the Burj Khalifa and played in the snow in Ski Dubai. I will say, after a full afternoon in the hot desert heat on Day 2, the air conditioning and manufactured snow were a very, very welcome reprieve.

Burj Khlaifa Observation Deck

Our flight left at 2 am the follow day (so really, the middle of the night after Day 3) and we spent the rest of the afternoon at our hotel’s room top pool. We loved our view of the Burj Khalifa from our hotel! We spent the afternoon at the pool marveling at how quickly the pool water dried from your skin and how often you needed to get back in to the pool. After a few hours it was time to head inside and re-pack our bags – and feel the AC!


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