Travel Itinerary for Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town hit my travel radar when we decided we wanted to go to Namibia. As a major international city, their airport was the really the draw. But since we were “in the neighborhood,” we felt like we should stay a while before hopping on another flight north to neighboring Namibia. “A while” turned in to 4 days. Here is our itinerary of the activities we fit it and a few ideas of things that I wish we were able to squeeze in, but for a full list of Cape Town and Travel Guide, go here, for your download!

Travel Itinerary for Cape Town South Africa

We flew in mid afternoon on Day 1 and spent the few hours we had getting to know Kalk Bay, the cute coastal town we stayed in. We walked the main road, took pictures and ate dinner. Not very eventful, but still fun.

View from Chartfield Guesthouse Room

We hired a driver and spent Day 2 in Stellenbosch. We tasted wine at 3 different wineries and spent the day slowly moving around South Africa‘s wine country – eating and drinking to our heart’s content. It is easy enough to hire a driver for a day in the wine country, and way safer . Be smart! The peace of mind knowing the driver was sober and knew where the wineries were makesĀ it that much better.

Blooming Vineyards Stellenbosch South Africa

We hired another driver on Day 3. This is totally not our MO, but we did not rent a car in Cape Town because we knew that we would not need a car for Day 2 or Day 4, so we went the “chauffeur” route instead. Our driver drove us all over Cape Town, stopping at the waterfront, downtown, Signal Hill and around to Camps Bay. I regret not knowing, but I would have loved to catch the views from Cape of Good Hope and Boulder Beach. You live and you learn!

Day 4 almost did not happen. What was supposed to be Day 3 got pushed to Day 4 due to weather. Diving with Great White Sharks off the coast of Gaansbai rates at the top of my “best days ever” list. It is up there with our wedding day and seeing lions in the wild. Yea, pretty damn amazing. It is everything you think it will be, and then some because who can really predict just how awesome staring at sharks a few inches away will feel. We saw whales too. Definitely cool to see, but sharks are better. (Insert sarcasm.)

Great White Bumps Cage

We flew out really, really, early on Day 5. Like, we-were-in-Namibia-for-breakfast early. So I do not count this day. Besides, we packed so much into our four days that I was excited to move on to see something new all over again!

I still can’t believe we only spent 4 days here. There is so much more to explore, discover, eat, do and see in Cape Town! Here is an better itinerary and travel guide for you to download!

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