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You guys! This is a must read! Did you know that you can rent a barge? A barge! I love these collaborations because I learn as much as you do, our amazing readers! I hope this piece encourages, educates and enlightens you to travel more – in ordinary and extraordinary ways!

Camping, motorhomes, hostels and hotels. What’s your preferred method of travelling? It’s not always about budget. Each option offers a different style of travel which opens up a whole new world of experiences. Here’s a quick insight into what’s going on.

Camping – There’s nothing more adventurous than taking to the wild outdoors armed with only a tent and a backpack. If your going up against the elements then you better be ready. Investing some money on a good quality tent good be the difference between a well-earned rest and hell. Look out for tents with two layers. The outside layer will keep you safe from the rain and the inner will keep you warm at night, free from condensation. A net across your opening could be a lifesaver from annoying bugs and keep out any unwanted snakes. Throw down a roll mat and a sleeping bag and your good to go. Camping is definitely the coolest and bravest way to travel.

Motorhomes – Travelling across the country on public transport can eat into your holiday time. If you’ve got a valid driving license then you may want to think about hiring out a mobile caravan. Check out the rental section of for more ideas of what you can choose from. They provide cosy comfort with high flexibility. If you’ve seen enough of where you’re staying then reel in that awning and take to the roads again. Lots of camping sites offer cheap places to park up for the night that come with the use of their toilet and cleaning facilities. A motor home is a big step up in comfort levels from camping and a great way of couples to get to know each other.

Barges – Quickly becoming the most hipster style of living as well as travelling. Going to a city with a large canal system could be a real treat. Barges can be hired so you don’t need to invest your life savings. They are a great way of seeing all of the city and countryside. Tie it up and leave it for as long as you like, then cruise along the water to relax. The barge community is big and friendly. You’ll meet lots of people on your journey and make fantastic memories along the way.

Hostels – Hotels are out and hostels are in. This environment is a better way of meeting people and sharing your experiences. You’ll be able to find out what’s hot and what’s not first hand from other travellers. Most hostels are extremely cheap and available without booking in advance. The only downfall here is you may be in a room with twenty other travellers which makes sleeping difficult. Not for the faint hearted but definitely for the adventurer.

Holidays don’t just have to be breaks away from home. They can be adventures that create the most memorable moments of your life. So when are you going to next book time off from work to start a new journey?

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