Traveler Interview: Localize J

Travel Interview with Localize J

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?
I find myself lucky to be working irregular hours as a police officer. I love my job and all its challenges. I love to go into situations that turn out to be so different from what you expect. It takes a lot of flexibility and fantasy to get it to a good end sometimes. I never know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to be at in a day’s work. I love that about my work. It is something I can use while traveling also. You always get something that is not quite what you’ve expected; sometimes not at all what you’ve expected. But, within a couple of minutes (sometimes a bit longer) you see the positive side of it and start enjoying things in a different and new manner.

Who or what inspired you to travel the first time?
As a child we always traveled to surrounding countries as Germany, Belgium, France or England. At some point I started to enjoy other things and haven’t traveled for some years. As an adult, I went to Thailand with my dad and I loved it. In the years to come I took trips with my mom in Europe, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Guatemala. After that trip I really started to plan my own trips.

How have you changed your life to travel more?
It certainly has changed my life! I already wrote a blog about my life, but now I am writing about travel in English. When at home I write about my travels and search for new adventures. I work for traveling; before I lived for working 🙂 I love my life, love my job and love that it gives me the freedom just to go away for a couple of months every other year. I do not spend much money on things that are not important to me. I try to save as much as possible to spend it elsewhere. I still got the feeling that somewhere, somehow, somebody will say to me “But this is not how you can live your life. You have to do ‘XY or Z.’” But still – I am getting away with doing what I am doing. My near future includes a trip to South Africa, a cultural trip of 8 days to Turkey and a month to India. I was invited to a wedding in New Delhi. Isn’t that all great?

How has travel changed your life?
I am a person that respects other persons, other opinions and other lifestyles. I have lived in different layers of the society because of wrong decisions I made as a teenager. I know what it is to have no money. I know how it feels if nobody can help you. I got out of that situation and build my life to what it is now. I am still expanding my life and the world is getting smaller. Everything is possible. Everything is good. Nobody can tell you what you need to do. While traveling you see so many women and men who are traveling long term. If they can do it, why can’t I?

What is your main purpose/goal for your travel blog?
To share; sharing is multiplying. To inspire; do what you want, do what you like. You make your own life, live it and love it!

This or that:
Backpack or rolling  suitcase? Backpack – I do see people traveling like a backpacker with a rolling suitcase….but I like to travel with the backpack.
Cities or Open spaces? Open spaces – I do like cities also but I love to see the landscape of countries or the jungles or mountains.
Salty or Sweet? Salty – Sometimes sweet, but most of the time salty food!
Sandals or Snow Boots? Sandals – Because I love the sun!! I love Asia, going to Africa next month and want to go to South America also. What do I need to do with snow boots??
Comedy or drama? Comedy – Everybody needs some comedy in their lives; laughing is healthy!

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