Sightseeing in St. Augustine, Florida

One major motivator for me and Mike (yes! that grammar is correct) to travel as much as we do is learning. I am a reader and thinker; Mike is a watcher and doer. But, we both love to learn! St. Augustine is a small town on the northeastern coast of Florida and its rich history provided plenty of opportunity to learn.

Sightseeing in St. Augustine

Foooor example: Did you know that St. Augustine was settled before Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth, Massachusetts? Mike was shocked to learn this. Being from New York, he always thought the Pilgrims were the first European refugees to settle in America. I was embarrassed that as a native Floridian I did not realize (or should we say “remember” from grade school) that St. Augustine was older than any other American city. Betchya didn’t know that! (OK, maybe you did!?)

Besides learning, we had plenty of time for fun too! Our quick weekend in town gave us enough time to sample the sights and whet our appetite to return for more fun!

  • Sweet Treats – Breakfast at The Bunnery

We blew our diet of fresh fruits, veggies and protein on this meal! We splurged, and it was so good. And when I say we splurged, I mean we went all the way! Full on! But, if there is anywhere I’d do it again, it would be back at The Bunnery!

I had salads for the rest of the weekend. OK, not really.

The Bunnery St. Augustine

Cappuccino The Bunnery

Cinnamon Roll The Bunnery

Sticky Bun The Bunnery

  • Singing Dogs – I had to see it to believe it!

OK, so I normally shy away from gimmicks like this. But, this puppy was just too cute and the  man with the accordion was genuinely nice. We talked with him about the dog and how he trained his pooch. He then began enticing the dog with hot dogs and sure enough the howling, I mean singing ensued. I love dogs, so I thought the whole “act” was cute! The wig and glasses don’t hurt either.

Singing Dog St. Augustine

The Singing Dog in St. Augustine

  • Seaside fun – St. Augustine Beach

The above heading is not 100% factual. We actually enjoyed the beach in Palm Coast, a quiet, less crowded town about 20 minutes south of St. Augustine Beach. This was fine by us as we like peace and quiet with our sand and salt water!

Chilling on Palm Coast

Palm Coast Beach

Palm Coast Beaches

  • Signals to Sailors – The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

The lighthouse is a must-see in St. Augustine. This is the only attraction we paid to see, partly because of its historical value (read: a chance to learn), but mostly for the 360 degree views at the top! It was well-worth the $10 entrance fee and the many, many steps!

The St. Augustine LighthouseSt. Augustine Lighthouse EntranceLighthouse OilSt. Augustine in the Background

Lighthouse Keepers House St. Augustine

  • Signs of the Time – Forts, Cobblestone Streets and School Houses

There is a good mix of old and new in St. Augustine, but the city prides itself on the old. There are still cobblestone streets, original buildings and historical landmarks (even historical reenactments everyday at the Castillo de San Marcos fort) to explore in the city.

The Oldest School House Sign

America's Oldest School House

St. Augustine Fort

St. Augustine Waterfront

Quiet Street St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a small city with a big history and future. We did not have long in St. Augustine this trip, but we have already talked about another weekend to explore more. There were a ton of restaurants we did not try, more streets to wander, more shops to visit and more sticky buns to eat at The Bunnery!

Did anyone notice the "s" theme on the headings and throughout this post? I didn't mean to do it at first, but then it became a challenge to see if I could ... and I did! Random silliness to keep the blogging interesting and intriguing for us all!  You're welcome! ;)

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