How to see the Matterhorn

Perched high in the Swiss Alps is a beautiful, majestic and high peak – the Matterhorn. Visible and accessible from the very cute mountain town of Zermatt, the peak is worth a peek in the summer time.

The Matterhorn Zermatt, Switzerland

Tickets to ride the train up the mountainside are available for purchase online or at the train station in town. Board the train (or hike) up to the top for optimal viewing of the peak!

Train for Matterhorn

Mountains Views Zermatt

Valleys in the Swiss Alps

The Matterhorn and all its glory is impressive, even when the clouds can get “hung up” on its peak. And, although the Matterhorn is the main attraction, there are breathtaking views of valley, snow caps and glaciers everywhere you look. They are the kind of 360 degree views that are worth writing home about (or blogging about in this case).

Matterhorn Visitors Ceter I love the Matterhorn Zermatt St. Bernard

Smiles in Zermatt

Zermatt Glaciers

Snowy Peaks Zermatt

Pretty Pond Mattherhorn

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