Where To Stay When Travelling

When booking a vacation, there is always a list of things you need to consider, from what to pack to where to go. And one of the most important things you need to think about (hopefully in advance) is where to stay. Depending on your location and budget, the level of accommodation open to you can differ a lot, but the difference can also be by personal choice. For a student going traveling on their gap year, the choices of where to stay will be different to the CEO of Google when he decides to go island hopping. What you want out of where your vacation will have a big say in where you decide to stay, accommodation wise. Travelling might mean that you’re going to visit every state in America, or every island in Indonesia. Or it could just be a week-long break, and you’re taking the opportunity to go somewhere new. ‘Travelling’ is about seeing different cultures and different places, not the length of time you’re away for.

Camping – Camping can be a great way to experience a new country. Whether you’re out in a field, in the forest, or up in the mountains, it can be truly beautiful. However you do need to be aware of the laws around camping in that country – some places let you pitch up anywhere, and some have strict rules about that sort of thing. If you don’t fancy erecting a tent, but like the idea, then why not go glamping? Glamorous-camping has been on the rise for years and can be a great way to combine comforts with the great outdoors. There are fantastic glamping options in safari lodges, allowing you to keep up with your creature-comforts while being in the middle of nature.

Hostels – Hostels have had a reboot over the past few years and don’t have the same, lousy reputation that they used to have. Hostels are often the top choice for backpackers of all ages – they are easy to find all over the world, and are pretty cheap no matter where you go. The only big differences you will find with hostels is whether they use communal dorm rooms that come with or without an en-suite. Some places, like Rome, use four-man tents, fitted with bunk beds and power sockets – so at least you can keep your devices charged. A lot of glamping-type hostels have a college campus feel to them, with a basic restaurant, shop and pool.

Hotels – Everyone is used to the star system hotels use, and it’s a pretty good indicator of the hotel’s reputation. Hotels are a great option while travelling if you have a little more to spend and are going to be staying in one location for longer than a couple of days. You can go B&B – which will include a large range of smaller locations, and can be a bit more of a reflection of the local culture. Or find a hotel like Econo Lodge which can be half-board or all-inclusive. If you’re going all-inclusive, it might be worth opting for the higher rated hotels, so that you know that the service you’re paying for, for the majority of your holiday time, will be excellent.

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