Why did I Go To Breckenridge and NOT Ski?

No. That is not a typo. I spent three beautiful winter nights in Breckenridge, Colorado and did not ski, not even once.

winter activities other than skiing in breckenridge colorado

You might think I was bored, but the opposite was true. You see, in order to celebrate a major milestone birthday, two of my best girlfriends joined me in the mountain town in December. Because of a specific health concern, we stayed off the slopes and enjoyed other great winter activities in Breckenridge. So, here is a list of great cold weather activities that does not include skiing.

1. Snow Shoeing – If you like hiking, you will like snow shoeing. It’s an easy, but fun, way to get outdoors during the cold weather in the Colorado Mountains. The Nordic Center in Breckenridge will sell you a trail pass and rent your gear – which is all you need. Well, take your camera because the views are impressive.

Breckenridge Nordic Center Snow Shoeing

Snow Shoeing in Breckenridge

Winter Activities in Breckenridge Besides Skiing

2. Relax – After all of that snow shoeing, you will want to relax. What better place than fireside? Besides, when you are with some of your closest friends, who all live in different corners of the country, you need time to just be together. Not to mention, recharging your battery is one function of traveling and vacations!

Ways to stay warm in Breckenridge

3. Shop ‘Til You Drop – We’re girls. We love to shop. So we did. There are tons of stores for window shopping and buying. As an added bonus, going into the stores offers a warm refuge for frozen noses and numb toes!

Shopping in Breckenridge

4. Feast with Friends and Family – The quality and quantity of the restaurants in the tiny town of Breckenridge is immense. Sample a few highly rated establishments, but strike out on your own try a few less known places, you will likely be happy you did!

Kenosha Steakhouse Desert Breckenridge

Pizza Crepe in Breckenridge Crepes A La Carte

Fireside Table at Twist in Breckenridge Colorado

5. Dog Sledding – One of my favorite cold weather activities is dog sledding. Do research, and make sure the dogs used in the tours are treated humanely. Good Times Adventures is one such option. The dogs love running and it shows. It’s a thrill to drive a sled, for sure, but even riding along is a “good time” too!

Dog Sledding in Breckenridge

Dog Sledding in Breckenridge Colorado

Dog Sledding with Friends in Breckenridge

8 thoughts on “Why did I Go To Breckenridge and NOT Ski?

  1. Breckenridge, Colo. (@GoBreck)

    Thanks for sharing this great story about Breckenridge. We want visitors to know that Breckenridge is not just a destination for skiing and snowboarding. We think you really nailed all of the exciting activities to do off the slopes. And, how amazing are those crepes? YUMMM! Let us know next time you are in Breckenridge. We hope that you can make it out in the summer. Did you know you can dogsled in the summer as well, with the same beautiful Siberian Huskies? What an adrenaline rush.


    Jessie Unruh, GoBreck

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      I’d come back just for the crepes alone! However, the summertime dog sledding sounds fantastic too! Thanks for the nice words and the info!

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