Winter in Lagos

Picture cool crisp mornings, clear blue skies in the afternoon with the sun warming your skin just enough not to have chills. Picture beachside hotels with shopping and restaurants next door. Now, as you would imagine, picture the crowds flocking to such a perfect place. WRONG!

I know. We were just as surprised as you. I described Lagos, Portugal above and it’s even better than my lame attempt to tell you how cute this waterside town is. Admittedly, Lagos does draw massive crowds, but not during the winter. Summer is their high season.

What does this mean for you? Half priced hotels. Readily available tables at the best restaurants. Clean, calm coastlines and shorelines. Brisk temps and clear skies. Sounds pretty good, huh. That’s what I thought.

Half-Priced Hotels
The hotel we stayed at in Lagos is not our typical flavor. Not because we do not love boutique hotels with service to die for, decor to make any interior designer jealous, rooms with million dollar views or a restaurant with delicious dishes. We love all of that. But, to be honest, we don’t usually feel like paying for it or cannot afford to pay for it. However, when a $500 USD room is only $250, you “splurge” and see how the other half lives!

Readily Available Restaurant Tables
The Portuguese eat late. This means that you might need to get to a restaurant early to beat the crowds, but not in Lagos in December. Full disclosure, some restaurants are closed during the low season, but the food we ate was delicious, so the ones that stay open are still great! It’s just a bonus that you can walk in at 8 pm and there is not wait for the corner table with a water view.

Perfect Weather
I know that “perfect” is subjective. But 75 degrees (farenheit), low humidity and sunny is pretty amazing no matter who you are! I loved needing a light jacket for walks to dinner at night paired with the warm sun kisses my bare arms during the day. The weather we experienced in Lagos during the winter was ideal. True, the water was too cold for me to swim in, but that is fine by me; I still enjoy the beach without the crowds!

Traveling to a destination during low season is a risk for some. But, but risks can lead to big rewards. If you like cheaper rates, quiet cafes and mild days, Lagos in the winter should be on your list of places to go!

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