Exploring the Jungles of Belize

Mike and I spent the first four nights of our honeymoon on Ambergris Caye in Belize. We rented bikes to explore the small town of San Pedro, enjoyed our idyllic view of the Caribbean Ocean at our boutique hotel and snorkeled Hol Chan. We were in bliss from our recent wedding and the pristine beauty of the island. But, we also wanted to see the other side of Belize – the jungle.

Cave Tubing and Zip Lining in Belize

We flew out to and from the mainland via airplane and loved the views of the Caribbean from above. However, our wallet liked the boat ride for this day trip off of the island.

We hopped on a speed boat early on rainy morning and headed for the mainland with our guide. Forty-five minutes later we were in a dry van with twelve other travelers and on our way to the first adventure of the day – zip lining!

We geared up and were off. I love when tours help you make the most of your limited time! The tour consisted of four long lines and two rappels through the lush canopy of the rain forest. The views are breathtaking, although we did not see any wildlife.

Zip Lining in Belize

Belize Zip Line

Belize Rappell

Lunch at the Jaguar Paw restaurant followed zip lining. It was nondescript; filling, but nothing to write home about. Or maybe I say nothing to write to blog readers about.

Next up? Cave Tubing.

Cave Tubing Tours in Belize

The spring fed river is chilly, but beautiful. However, you cannot see how pretty the water is for the majority of the trip as you float in and out of caves that are pitch dark. Luckily, you are fitted with a head lamp. The head lamp gives just enough light to see your surrounding, which includes the caves’ walls.

Cave Tubing Tours in Belize

Cave Tubing Tours in BelizeCave Tubing Tours in Belize

Cave Tubing Tours in Belize

Although pitch black at time, I did not get scared until other patrons in our group started making comments and jokes about animals in the water. None of it is true, but your brain can play funny tricks on you. I immediately sucked my toes, fingers and bum out of the water for the rest of the slow float through the cave. Ugh! I’m so weak!

Thiscombined tour of both zip lining and cave tubing in one day made for aloooong day. If you are staying in the jungle I would break the tour up into two days. However, we had another forty-five minute boat ride back out to Ambergris Caye, so I am glad wecombined the activities into one.

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