Avoiding Washington’s Tourist Traps (the Undiscovered Capital)

A trip to the nation’s capital is a must at some point in your life, and Washington D.C. is a great place to visit. But as the capital of the United States, it is a very popular place to visit. If you’re not a fan of following the crowds, they can be hard to escape in Washington – unless you know how, of course.

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Want to know the secrets of avoiding Washington’s tourist traps? Take a look at some best-kept secrets to help you make the most of your visit.

See more than the Mall – Without a doubt, if it’s your first trip to Washington, you’ll want to see the National Mall. Home to various monuments, 11 Smithsonian museums, art galleries and more, it’s the place to go to experience history in the US. But as with most popular tourist destinations, it can get incredibly busy. You don’t want to spend your days waiting in line, so make sure you plan your visit carefully to help you maximize your time so you can go and see everything else that Washington has to offer.

Visit the outskirts – So what else does Washington have to offer? There are plenty of things to see outside of the city itself, including George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, Great Falls Park and the National Harbor (in nearby Maryland). Arlington has a lot to see and do, including the Arlington Cemetery and the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial. Arlington has a lot to offer – see the Arlington News Network to get some of the local flavors. Rent a car and get out of the city to help you experience more as part of your stay.

Check out the great food scene – It’s easy to be tempted by your typical chains when visiting a big city, but it’s worth noting that these types of restaurants often become swamped – especially during peak seasons. The city has a fantastic food scene, so why not explore places where locals like to eat in Washington to give you some ideas?

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See it from the skies – If you wanted to see Washington DC from the skies, where would you choose to go? The Washington Monument is the obvious choice, but you could spend all day in line and miss out on everything else! Instead, why not see it from a less well-known observatory? The Pilgrim Observation Gallery is located within the National Cathedral, and it’s an excellent place to view the city from above. Head there first to find your bearings and to get the best view of the capitol.

A trip to Washington D.C makes a great long weekend break, allowing you to see the sights as well as discover everything else the city has to offer. The low-lying landscape is very different from your typical large cities like New York, with beautiful scenery and some excellent places to visit. Put it on your all-American travel wishlist and plan your visit to the nation’s capital city.