Best Worldwide Destinations for Luxury Shopping

Even though we live in an age where technology is constantly changing the way in which we complete even the simplest of daily tasks, there are some experiences that cannot be fully overcome by the advances of the internet world. One good example would be the shopping experience and even more precisely, the fashion industry behind it. Despite using online platforms to have almost anything we desire ordered and shipped right to our doors, nothing can fully replace physically choosing the right outfits or accessories from a retail store.

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The fact that so many people prefer the old-school way of shopping, especially when it comes to clothes, has led to the popularization of the idea of shopping tourism. Since more and more reputable clothing companies choose to open retail stores close together on commercial streets or in shopping centers, visitors can now have a wider variety of options in a much smaller area. Focusing on the busiest and most visited cities in the world, it is easy to see why tourism has increased because of this aspect.

At the top of this list of cities that have become icons for their variety and contribution to fashion has to be New York. Having so many options, ranging from vintage to newly released fashion trends, New York has become one of the standards when it comes to shopping destinations. From budget-friendly stores like Zara and H&M to the high-end ones like Chanel and Prada, this city has something to offer for any type of budget. For those searching for a unique experience, the vintage stores have some of the most prestigious pieces from any era in the past century, including gems like the outfits worn at the Met Gala.

For those who have less conventional taste and enjoy extravagance, Tokyo is the perfect destination. This city has markets that sell almost anything from street food to luxury clothing and offers specialized assistance and consultations for both the language and culture behind them, helping visitors to not lose themselves in the abundance and diversity. When it comes to high-end fashion, the Harajuku neighborhood can help you recreate the street style for which Tokyo is famous. Having stores such as Comme des Garçons or Visvim, it will not be hard to find an outfit that helps you blend in with the vibrant street fashion.

One of the world’s luxury capitals is Monaco, and the offers and prices can back that up. In the heart of Monte Carlo is Cercle d’Or (The Golden Circle), a place where some of the most renowned leaders in fashion, jewelry and accessories have their shops open and ready for business. Having products from up to 4,000 luxurious brands, such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Cartier, given the right budget, you can leave this place dressed in some of the highest fashion that the industry has to offer.

Tourists can choose one of the seven different shopping areas to satisfy all their fashion needs. Also, those who are seeking to get a real glimpse of the high-class luxurious night-life in Monte Carlo can choose to take part in one of the most important poker tournaments of the year, the EPT 2018, at the end of April. Over the years, Monaco has been a host for some of the most famous and high-end companies from all around the globe, whether they are from the world of sports, fashion or real estate. Which is also likely responsible for the rise in tourism, noticeable in the past years.

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These are just a few examples of ways in which tourism and fashion have intertwined in a harmonious way. Other cities, such as Dubai, Milan, London, Rome and Paris have been holding and will continue to hold their positions in this list of destinations for shoppers who favor quality over quantity. The increasing connection between tourism and fashion has helped both domains expand and improve, competitively playing a significant role in the equation.