Bringing the Desert to Florida with Succulents

I visited Arizona a few years ago and hiked in Sedona, AZ with a girlfriend. While there, we passed a variety of beautiful succulents. We don’t see many succulents in Florida, so I loved this local flora.  They are sturdy, yet pretty, plants that are perfectly suited for the harsh climates and weather of the area. Fast forward to present day. We attended the 2nd birthday party of good friends’ daughter a few weeks ago.

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Much to my delight, the party favor (from the  ”Lorax” themed party) was a succulent. At first, I wasn’t so sure the plant would survive Florida’s rainy season, but then I realized they would make perfect indoor plants! Look below to see how my travels inspired this home decor:

I decided they’d go best next to our bay window, where they’d be on full display and still receive bright sunlight each morning. I picked two “containers” for them (buying one and re-purposing another) and used leftover potting soil we had in the garage for planting.


  1. Succulents of your choice
  2. Containers/pots of your choice
  3. potting soil (We like all soil options that Miracle Grow offers)
  4. garden gloves and shovel (I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, so these are optional).

Price Tag:

  1. Succulents – Ours were FREE, but at our local home improvement store they ranged from $1.99 – $15.99 depending on the size you get.)
  2. Containers – Re-purposed mason jar (FREE)
  3. Coffee Cup $9.99
  4. Soil – left over and free

Total cost = $9.99

My efforts to bring a little AZ to FL worked! Michael and I love to read and drink coffee in this reading nook – hence the coffee cup planter – and the succulents add color and bring the outside in to this part of our home base. They are low maintenance, as they only require a small amount of water each week, which is nice for two busy professionals!  *Plus, I scored brownie points with Michael for keeping this project under $10.00*. Cha-ching! I love that I got to get my hands dirty (literally) with another project and I think it turned out well, if I do say so myself!

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