Five Dos and Don’ts for Your Ultimate Road Trip

When heading out on your road trip, you can easily get bogged down thinking about all the little details to make it the best road trip ever. But the ultimate road trip really depends on who you are going with and the experiences you have along the way. Everything to do with the car is all just an extra component that you can use to make those times better and easier. So here are our top Dos and Don’ts for the ultimate road trip – focusing on the simple, little things.

Do invest in a decent vehicle – When setting out, you will probably need to rent a car or van of some sort. Think about the cost of fuel and miles to the gallon the vehicle gives you, as well as the comfort of your passengers. It might be worth the extra cost in fuel to rent a VW camper van, that way you save on hotels.

Don’t fret about the language barrier – When traveling around a new country, so many people fret about the language barrier and so miss stops and sights because they’re sure they wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone. And that might be true,but you’ll find that the majority of locals are more than welcoming anyway. Learn a few simple phrases, and there is always voice-activated google translate if you really need it.

Do invest in satellite navigation – Maps aren’t always reliable. And in a lot of third-world countries, road signs are minimal outside of main cities. And most countries don’t translate their signs to English, unless you’re road-tripping in Wales. So take a cheap sat nav and download the appropriate country for more accurate directions.

Don’t just wing it – You’re going to get lost. And sometimes that is the best way to find new places, but in countries like the US and Australia, there are huge expanses of dessert that you really don’t want to be lost in. And what if you run out of fuel in the middle of the African plains? Not really a safe place to be.

Do look at extra storage – When traveling anywhere you will have some luggage with you, and if there’s four of you in the car then you might need to rethink your storage options. And even if you’re in the camper van, can you fit your bags, food supplies and camping supplies in with you and still be comfortable? Pmx campers are a leading supplier of camper trailers of various sizes and needs.

Don’t overload on driving snacks – Keep your snacks minimal and nutritional. You’re not fourteen and able to run off sugar and more sugar. And also remember that you’re sitting still in a car for hours at a time. Trying local cuisine is a huge part of traveling, so don’t miss out on that purely because you have filled up on candy.

Do create a range of playlists for everyone – You want everyone to enjoy their trip, so share the DJ responsibility with everyone. Create multiple playlists – you might have to go old school and burn a bunch of CDs for the road.

Don’t expect everyone to drive like they do at home – You’re in a different country and need to realise that your home road rules don’t always apply – and we’re not just talking about driving on the other side of the road. In India and Malaysia roads are notoriously bad with minimal signage, no worry about dedicated crossings, and no one way to drive down the road.

Do take it in turns driving – You’re going to get tired, and that’s just dangerous, so make sure that you split up the driving time with as many of you as possible.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well as the destination – This one is more of a bonus ‘Do’ really, but you have to love the symmetry. No matter where you are going, or the stops you make, some of the best memories you will make will be of the actual journey there, so enjoy it.