Five on Five – Mountains

Florida is flat. Very Flat. Therefore, growing up in Florida I didn’t really know what mountains were as a kid. In fact, my mom once told me that I referred to the city land fill as a mountain! (Needless to say, my parents took me and my brother skiing in the Canadian Rocky Mountains that next winter!) That was then, this is now. Now, not only do I know what a real mountain looks like, I love vacationing in the higher elevations. I mean who doesn’t love cool, crisp air, inclined hikes, snow skiing, alpine trees, snow-capped peaks …. OK, I’ll stop. Here are some of our favorites! (Do you have any favorites? Share them below!

Marinated Bison Steaks (Colorado, US)

5. American Rocky Mountains (Estes Park, Colorado) – These American beauties are vastly different from top to bottom. We saw a piece of their beauty in the Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado. We saw herds of elk, waterfalls and valleys that were deep and wide. I hear there is some good skiing not too far off!

4. Sierra Nevada (Tahoe, California) – This photo was taken in July. How is there snow? Just kidding – I know about the correlation of temperature and elevation. But, seriously, look how beautiful the lake looks with the mountains in the background!

3. Andes Mountains (Machu Picchu, Peru) – The steepness of these peaks is what makes this part of the Andes Mountains stand out. They’re lush and treacherous, but that didn’t stop us from conquering one though!

2. Naukluft Mountains (Sossusvlei, Namibia) – These mountains come in at a close second place because of their ruggedness and surprise factor. They rise out of the perfectly flat, arid land. It’s as it the earth came alive for a beat before flat lining again.

Oven Fried Okra (Savannah, Georgia)

1. Swiss Alps (Zermatt, Switzerland) – Is it any surprise to you that the Swiss Alps tops our list? I mean, maybe when we climb Kilimanjaro (it could happen!), we’ll revise our list. But, for now, The Matterhorn stands alone (literally and figuratively) in science, as it close to a perfect pyramid-shape, and in beauty.

Which is your favorite?