Top 3 Reasons to Travel around the US

There are all sorts of exotic travel destinations that you could choose to explore in the world, ranging from the ancient Renaissance-era streets of Florence to the enormous and brooding ruins of Angkor Wat.

But, what if you were told that there is as much to see and experience in the United States, as in a dozen or more other countries?

People are sometimes a bit dismissive about US holidays, in part because the US is bound within an overarching cultural framework, and benefits from a shared language.

Well, here are just a few reasons why you should consider traveling extensively around the US, after all.

Once you’re in the country, it’s really easy to move between states

If you are planning to travel through Asia, through South America, or even between certain parts of Western and Eastern Europe, you would likely find the process to be pretty tricky for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, you’d generally have to get your paperwork in order, and would potentially have to delicately maneuver the specific political and legal institutions of each new country you crossed over to. And that’s not even to say anything about the language barriers you would often encounter.

Once you are in the US, though, and especially if you happen to be a citizen, it’s really easy to move between states. In fact, you can do it without much more than a vehicle, your wallet, and some snacks for the road.

The United States of America is a very big country, and it’s a country you can move around largely unimpeded.

There are enough regional and cultural differences in the US, that you can really experience a lot of variety by traveling around

The US is comprised of 50 different states, all of which have unique histories, unique cultural and political developments over time, and all sorts of other variations that can make the act of traveling around the country just about equivalent to traveling between different countries.

Being in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras celebrations is an entirely different experience from roaming around the rural climes of The Pacific Northwest, or standing in Times Square.

Certain towns and communities you visit might have a brilliantly adapted spin on Peruvian chicken that will set your tastebuds alight. Others will remind you of continental Europe.

Don’t be fooled by the general homogeneity of American TV programs – there’s a lot to see between all the different states.

US has some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes to be found anywhere

The United States features breathtaking and unique landscapes, ranging from the Florida Everglades to the soaring and snowcapped mountains of Cascadia, and the Beaches of Cape Cod.

And that’s only to name a few examples from the contiguous United States. Don’t forget that the lush volcanic paradise of Hawaii is also a part of the country, and so is the frozen tundra of Alaska.

Whatever natural landscapes most inspire you, there’s a good chance that you’ll find them – and plenty more besides – by traveling across the United States.