Take Advantage of Long Weekends

For us Americans with only two weeks of vacation each year, we dream about three day weekends! It’s one extra day to sleep in, catch up on recorded TV and work on your never-ending honey-do lists, right? WRONG! Don’t waste one more three-day weekend on what you can do on a two-day weekend! Get up and go somewhere!

Five on Five – Mountains

Now, I’m not suggesting you fly to Europe (although, wouldn’t that be a fun weekend?), but you should go somewhere. Here are some ideas of quick, easy and FUN 3-day weekend getaways:

1. Pick a town you’ve never visited that is within a two hour driving distance. Spend 1 hour researching restaurants and local attractions as well as booking a room. That’s 1 hour of planning, and 4 hours of total driving time, roundtrip for a grand total of 5 hours. Who doesn’t have time to do this?

2. Research bed and breakfasts in your area and book a night. That’s right, just one night. One night for romance, fun or relaxation.

3.  Find a National Park that you’ve always wanted to visit. Make transportation arrangements for getting there and then GO! Hike, bike, kayak, and explore! National Parks are family-friendly and inexpensive to get in to.

4. Find the nearest and largest body of water and book a room close by. It might be the beach, it might be a lake or it might even be a natural spring but one this is certain, being on, in or near the water brings instant enjoyment and relaxation. Who doesn’t like to swim, dig their toes into the sand or float on a raft while sipping a cold drink? The water is always a great choice for an escape!

Marinated Bison Steaks (Colorado, US)

Making time for travel is tough. Work schedules and family obligations can monopolize your time. Both are good. Both are wonderful. But intentionally making time to get away is good and wonderful as well. It can relieve stress, strengthen relationships and teach you!