3 Things to Check Out in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of those states that you need to come and see for yourself rather than relying on what you see on the TV to form an opinion, as it offers a surprising array of beautiful and historic destinations to enjoy.

Here are just three awesome sights to check out when you venture away from the Big Apple and visit neighbouring New Jersey.

Enjoy a day in Cape May – Some places seem to have been frozen in time and visiting takes you back to yesteryear, which is exactly what it feels like when you visit the resort town of Cape May.

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This town is a testament to Victorian style and the many picturesque streets and homes that you can still see today are a shining example of why it was one of the top-rated destinations for the well-heeled people of society back in the 18th century.

Take time to visit the Emlen Physick Estate and you will get a real sense of what life was like in the past and immediately understand why so many tourists enjoy coming to Cape May every year.

Stroll along a famous boardwalk – There are plenty of great city locations to enjoy in New Jersey and you will be ideally placed to explore the area when you stay at somewhere like the Saddle Brook Marriott, but it is also well worth planning a trip to Atlantic City as part of your New Jersey experience.

One of the most iconic experiences to enjoy in the state is a walk along the famous boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Whatever the season, a stroll along the four-mile-long promenade is a hugely enjoyable experience and a great way to enjoy a variety of traditional seaside attractions and views.

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So much to see in Princeton – The name of Princeton is synonymous with educational excellence and a visit to the grounds is a real eye-opener and will undoubtedly leave you impressed as you explore the thousands of acres of grounds via one of the organized tours.

Princeton is also where you will find the historic Battlefield State Park.

This is an area that shaped the country’s future and witnessed George Washington’s victory over the British in 1777. A visit to this site and the surrounding area will prove inspirational and should definitely be on your list of things to check out when you visit New Jersey.

What you will quickly discover when you take the time to pay a visit to New Jersey is a state that is full of wonderful surprises and a vacation destination that turns out to be unlike the image that you might have formed in your mind beforehand.

Plan a vacation to New Jersey and take in these three must-see attractions along with many others. It is very unlikely that you will be disappointed and much more likely that you will be delighted to have spent some time in this interesting and attractive state.