Traveler Interview – Christina Loiacono from Zerve

If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

I work in travel, discovering exciting new activities and contributing to my company’s blog. Outside of work, I’m a proud military wife. When not working, I’m often found hanging out with my white mini-schnauzer named Leroy. I’m really into wine, and I also bake …a lot!

Margarita (The Florida Keys)

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

I grew up in a small town within the Adirondack Mountains and had always wanted to see new places. During college I sought out opportunities to travel through internships. In just one summer I experienced the Southern charm and rolling hills of Eastern Tennessee, and saw my first sunset over an Arizona desert from a mountaintop! I was hooked!

How have you changed your life to travel more?

I’m very conscious to live only within my means, but I can’t say that I’ve changed much of my lifestyle to travel. There is so much to see! Many of my favorite trips have been weekend stays in nearby locations and driving keeps the costs down.

How has travel changed your life?

Travel is entirely responsible for my love affair with food. I’m always seeking it out and spending too much money on it. I’ve also become very good at finding things to do and reflecting on the good in every place I visit.

What is the main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

I don’t have a blog of my own currently, but Zerve, the blog I work for, is all about highlighting extraordinary experiences and equipping people with what they need to know to have those amazing experiences. It’s got a little of everything!

Margarita (The Florida Keys)

This or That:

  • Backpack or Rolling Suitcase? Rolling suitcase
  • Cities or Open Spaces? Both. I’ve lived in each, and my experiences from both make up a large part of who I am today.
  • Salty or Sweet? Sweet, though it would have stiff competition if umami were a choice.
  • Sandals or Snow Boots? Sandals. I don’t own snow boots.
  • Comedy or Drama?