Traveling without Your Significant Other (Can It Strengthen Your Relationship)

Would you be OK with your significant other traveling with his/her friends, not you? Would you travel without your main squeeze? Some couples might have an issue with their significant other flying off to another state for a weekend without them, but these friends’ trip can be advantageous to you and your partner.

How Do You Travel So Much

Michael just got back from a weekend out of state with a few close friends. They rented a cabin in mountains and toured local breweries, barbecued and played cards. I’m sure there was way too much sports talk and friendly ribbing. He returned with a few new memories and lots of funny, new stories. I can’t help but be happy for him when he gets to travel … and I know the feeling is mutual.

From where we stand, we can see lots of value from time spent apart. We also see the positives of time spent with our closest friends. Here are a few benefits of taking “girls only” or “guys only” trips without your regular travel partner:

  1. Trust – traveling separately proves our explicit trust of one another. It’s the foundation of all relationships, and not just the romantic kind. Learn to trust your partner and encourage time apart – even if it’s far away.
  2. Affection – “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” Enough said!
  3. Happiness – I always come back from independent travel (or any kind of travel for the matter) happy. Who does not want happiness for those they love the most?
  4. Appreciation – Each member of a relationship has different roles they play. When a piece of the puzzle (you) is missing, your significant other gains more appreciation for you. For example, Mike is tired of salads and sandwiches for dinner by the time I return. Likewise, I am sick of bringing in the recycling bins upon his return. In other words, being apart can show help you appreciate just how much your significant other does and how well you really do work together.

Let’s get one thing straight – Mike is my absolute, all-time, favorite travel partner (and the feeling is reciprocated)! But, mixing it up once in a while can be fun and worthwhile. You should encourage your special someone to travel without you because being apart can actually bring you closer.

Preparing for Your First Solo Trip