Trying Something a Little Different on Your Next Vacation

When we head away on holiday, we generally have one thing on our mind: kicking back and relaxing! This, after all, is our big break away from the stresses of everyday life. However, every now and then, why not consider doing something a little different for a change? While the sun loungers may be appealing and you can still spend some time dipping in the pool and paddling in the sea, it could be a good idea to try something new and completely out of your comfort zone! Here are a few alternative activities for you to consider on your next vacation!

Falafel (Dubai, UAE)

Climb a Mountain – So many destinations will have a mountain of sorts in the local vicinity. But don’t consider this something to just look at. Why not try actually climbing one. You’ll be rewarded with a great sense of achievement and some beautiful scenes to boot! As this can be a relatively dangerous activity if you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing, you should employ the help of professionals who will have your safety and wellbeing at the forefront of their minds. Consider an agency such as Kandoo Adventures. They specialise in high-altitude adventures and can make climbs suitable for individuals of a whole range of confidence, skill sets and abilities.

Jet Ski – Jet skiing doesn’t have to take up a whole day of your trip. It’s something that you can try out for just one afternoon. But it’s so fun! It’s a brilliant way to get out on the water and have a taste of speed and adrenaline at the same time. It’s good for your health (increasing fitness, stamina, balance, and burning calories at the same time) and allows the wind to blow through your hair as you jet across the waves. Ask around for a beach with jet ski hire and make sure to grab a life jacket before you head out on the water.

Take a Trek – Trekking or hiking may not sound like the ideal activity to start with. Many of us associate it with traversing dull terrains back home in cold temperatures, wind, and rain. But when you’re overseas, it can be so rewarding. There are stunning landscapes to take in, and you may even see a little local wildlife that you’re not used to. As you won’t know where you’re going, hire a guide who will be able to keep you safe and on the right track. They will also know some of the most scenic spaces for the best sights and photo opportunities. These are just a few alternative activities to consider while you’re away on your next vacation. Let go of the assumption that you have to go on a trip dedicated to adventure and adrenaline to try new things. You can incorporate small activities into your usual regime while you’re away too! This gives you a healthy break from the pool and the usual swing of things, giving you something to focus on and enjoy without fully sacrificing your relaxation and recuperation

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