Why Motorhome Self Drive is a Great Short Break Solution

You’ve worked hard all week, you’d just like to escape but let’s be honest, sometimes choosing accommodation for a short break away can be a bit of a drag. You want it to be close enough to the sites, at the right price and, what if you need to take bikes or hiking equipment with you. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

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When you’re in the mood for some spontaneous travel, trawling through hotel sites can easily kill the moment, if you’re not careful. So, when you want a bit of adventure at the end of a long week, could the answer be to take your accommodation with you?

An alternative that suits everyone that you might not have considered it before, but motorhome self drive has become increasingly popular for short breaks. And you don’t need to commit to buying a vehicle nowadays – RV rental is an idea that’s really worth looking into.

Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner or taking your whole family, there’s something on offer to suit every requirement and budget. You can hire anything from a Class A motorhome to a dinky little pop up camper – and who could resist that, to be fair?

The ‘peer to peer’ travel trend –If you’re a regular traveller, you’ll be familiar with ‘peer to peer’ schemes that allow you to stay in someone else’s home, instead of a hotel. They’re a great option, which open up all kinds of opportunities – and it’s interesting to see the idea has now been extended to motorhomes.

RVShare is a trend that’s definitely worth looking into – it’s an affordable, flexible way to try out this style of vacation, if you’re tempted. You get peace of mind when you book via a sharing network, with comprehensive insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and dedicated customer support. And, like other peer to peer schemes, It connects you with real human beings, who’ve lived in and loved their vehicles – which makes it more special.

Escape – Most of us live within easy travelling distance of interesting places to visit – sometimes we can miss what’s right under our nose! But, if you want to start from a different location, renting a motorhome can give you that option – it’s up to you where you begin your journey.

This makes the arrangement so much more flexible and what could be an easier or more inspiring alternative? You can find lots of ideas online for suitable short, long weekend or school break destinations and, if you’re outdoorsy, you can take bikes, climbing equipment or whatever you need with you.

Affordability –First up, there are no hotel fees, of course, and that’s got to be a benefit in anyone’s book. Yes there are the costs of the vehicle rental, but that’s more affordable than paying for a hotel or cabin – particularly if you’re taking a family with you. And we all know how costly eating out can be when you’re away – it can be more expensive than the short break itself. If you hire an RV you can take your food with you, which is great news for your budget – and any picky eaters! 

Freedom – Have you ever reached a destination and been just a little bit disappointed – it’s happened to most of us, we’re sure. Taking your accommodation with you means you’re free to wander, find more exciting places and discover the unexpected. Some of the best holiday memories are the times you took a different turn, aren’t they, when you did something unplanned and struck vacation gold.

Avoiding Washington’s Tourist Traps

The Views –It might sound a bit obvious but travelling in an RV, especially a larger motorhome, means you always have great vistas. And, if you’re on vacation with anyone who loves to take photographs, there are plenty of opportunities for them to capture panoramic pictures.

Fantastic views inspire you as you travel and, after all, you don’t want to waste your time in airport queues when you’re taking a short break.

Proximity – If you’re trying to find accommodation close to popular tourist destinations, you can be disappointed, we’ve all been there.  If the nearest hotel available is quite a distance away, it can spoil your vacation and no-one wants that. Self drive options allow you to get closer to the sites you want to see, as there are lots of places to choose from to park.


Room for Friends – Sometimes when you stay in a hotel, you’ve just got a tiny room, you don’t really have enough space to stretch out and relax. With a motorhome, you have your bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen with you and all self drive options offer the addition of outdoor space where you pull up. Many parks offer a wide range of facilities too and there’s a great sense of camaraderie among people out on a road trip!

Nature – There are lots of parks to choose from set in beautiful, open locations, so you can get really close to nature this way. It’s like camping with additional comforts – and many sites have outdoor activities close by.

Storage – If you love the outdoors, you’ll want to take equipment with you and, let’s be honest, that’s not easy if you stay in a hotel. You can’t fit it in your car or, if you put it on the roof, you don’t want to risk leaving it outside overnight.  If you hire an RV, you’ll have lots of space to carry it, so you can get straight out there and enjoy nature when you arrive – and enjoy peace of mind.

Try it –Motorhome self drive is a fantastic option for a short break away and, with RVShare, you can try out different options easily to see what best suits you. It’s affordable, flexible and means you don’t have the headache of trawling endless accommodation sites – happy travelling!


Visiting British Columbia

If you are planning a trip in the near future, one place that you should definitely consider is British Columbia. This is a diverse province that has something for everyone. From world-class ski resorts and outdoor adventures to award-winning wine regions and amazing cities, you will be spoilt for choice here. With that being said, continue reason to discover some of the main reasons why you should consider taking a trip to British Columbia.

To experience Vancouver –If you are only able to visit one place while you are in British Columbia, Vancouver should be your choice. This is a city that has everything. You can expect independent breweries, national sporting teams, cool hipster neighbourhoods, art galleries, museums, and beaches too. To put the icing on the cake, Vancouver is also close to three accessible North Shore mountains whereby you can enjoy a wide range of thrilling outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities –While we are on the subject of outdoor activities, there is no shortage when it comes to this when having a holiday in Vancouver. The hiking trails here are excellent and there are lots of great ski resorts too. Aside from this, you also have heliskiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

The inside passage –Have you heard about the inside passage before? A lot of cruise ships to go through the inside passage when they are travelling towards Alaska. However, this is not why you should visit it. The reason to take a trip year is that you will be blown away by the wildlife sightings as well as the rocky and forested coastline.

Explore all the islands –Aside from the points I’ve already been mentioned, British Columbia is home to 40,000 islands. This includes the Gulf Islands as well as Vancouver Island. While you won’t get the same sort of experience as you would if you island hopping in the Caribbean, it is still an incredible one. A lot of people stay in-land in a motel in Vernon, BC, or somewhere similar, and then they do an island tour.

To see the spirit bear –There is only one place across the entire globe where you can see the spirit bear, which is officially known as a Kermode bear, and this is the great bear rainforest. These bears are black bears, however, they have white fur and this is what makes them so unique. At the moment, there were only around 400 of these bears left in the wild.

Stanley Park –While we have already discussed Vancouver, and Stanley Park is located there, it is so special that it deserves a mention all on its own. This is one of the top attractions in Vancouver. It is an urban park that gives Central Park a run for the money.

Whale watching –Last but not least, another reason why you should consider taking a trip to British Columbia is that you will be able to do some whale watching. The whale watching season runs from May until October.  you can expect Pacific grey whales, minke whales, humpbacks, and orcas.