Why the Cayman Islands Are the Perfect Spot for Nature Lovers

One of the most wonderful things about travel is the sheer variety that it affords us. The world may be getting smaller in an age of unsurpassed digital connectivity, but nothing compares to seeing the world’s most staggering natural and man made phenomena up close and in person. We all look for something different in every vacation we plan. We may want to plan a city break that’s bursting with activities, culture and fine dining.

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We may want to plan a relaxing beach holiday in which we do little other than eat, drink, read and work on our tan. Or we may plan a vacation that’s designed to help us commune with nature; to experience the plethora of rare and exotic flora and fauna of far away climes. One of the best things about travel for nature lovers is that they can see the broad palette with which mother nature has painted the world, and the incredible variety and variation in topography, plant and animal life of different destinations.

The Caribbean is known the world over for its sparking azure seas, powdery white beaches and lush greenery. But when it comes to the Cayman Islands, few people are aware just how many natural wonders the area has to offer. Accommodation is surprisingly affordable too. Check out ChristopherColumbusCondos.com for more information. Only in The Cayman Islands will you find…

Hell – Only a place this heavenly could boast a tourist attraction like Hell. But nonetheless, tourists come from around the world to check out this expanse of short black limestone formations in Grand Cayman. There are few natural limestone formations like this anywhere else in the world. Nor can you send a postcard from Hell (available in the nearby gift shop) anywhere else. The area is free to visit although paid guided tours are available. The area tends to get crowded in peak times so get in nice and early if you want to take some quality snaps.

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Elizabeth II Botanic Park – The Cayman Islands are home to some of the most diverse and beautiful plant life in the world, but you could be in for quite a trek if you want to see it all in its natural habitat. If you want a stroll amongst nature’s greatest wonders to remember, a walk around Elizabeth II Botanic Park is the perfect day out for you. As well as the diverse and beautiful plant life, the park is also home to fantastic birds like parrots and other bird species, and for a small additional extra cost you can see the protected blue iguanas.

The Mastic Trail – The Cayman Islands are a favorite among hiking enthusiasts and if you like your walks scenic and moderately challenging, you were born to walk The Mastic Trail. The trail takes around 2 hours to walk and features some great examples of the areas wildlife as well as some unique and beautiful plant life including a mangrove swamp and 2 million-year-old woodland. This area is home to some of the most beautiful birds and animals on the planet and is protected by the National Trust.