Why You Should Visit Yosemite Park this Year

Yosemite Park is a stunning National Park in the USA which is a popular tourist spot for many all over the world. If you fancy an adventure this year in the great outdoors, this is the perfect place to go!

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Here are some of the reasons why you should visit this stunning National Park this year.

Stay over and enjoy the sunset – Yosemite Park is a place which is full of natural beauty and is stunning to behold; and one of the best ways you can enjoy this place is by staying over at the Best Western PLUS Yosemite Gateway Inn and enjoying the sunset over the waters. If you want to make a romantic date of it, you can even bring a bottle of wine, a couple of plastic glasses and a blanket to sit lakeside and enjoy the view!

Valley floor tour – One of the fun activities you can enjoy in Yosemite Park is the open air tram which travels along the valley floor. If you don’t want to talk the whole trail bit still want to enjoy the view, you can take your family on this two hour tour and see everything this stunning place has to offer.

Glacier Point – Glacier point is one of the main landmarks in Yosemite Park and can give you a spectacular view of the valley in its entirety. You can join in on one of the rangers sunset talks and enjoy this perfect Instagram spot with your loved ones.

Yosemite Falls – If you fancy an adventure on a summer’s day, the perfect place to hike to is Yosemite Falls. This is a stunning area of the park which will be fun for all of the family and will give you the perfect place to cool off after a full day hiking with your children. You can take a difficult trail if you fancy more of a challenge or take a slightly lighter trail if you are with the kids.

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Enjoy an art workshop – There are lots of areas within the park which offer educational workshops for your children and even for school trips. If you want the kids to learn something new or to have fun with art, you can take them here and give them a day of fun and crafts.

Take a picnic – If you want to have a fun family day out during the summer time, you can pack up some sandwiches, sweets and snacks and take your family for a walk along the lakeside paths and stop for a picnic in the midday sun. Make sure that you pack some games such as a frisbee, a ball or even a small badminton set to keep the kids active during the day!

Yosemite Park is a diverse place to visit with your family or even by yourself, and it will offer you many different things to do during your stay. Have a fun family holiday in a stunning location, have plenty of adventures and make some amazing memories!